Sunday, April 23, 2017

Life Happens

The main reason I started this blog was to create a "journal" type book for our family where our kids can look back and see pictures and stories of our lives. I print off the book every couple years and it has already been a fun activity. Brad and I love looking back on the earlier entries and seeing how much our life has changed. I plan to always post and print off this blog, but I knew when I started that life would get busy and it would be hard to stay on top of posting as often as I like.
I think I have officially hit that stage. There are SO many events I want to document. So many fun outings that would make great blog posts. So many stories about the kiddos I never want to forget. So many milestones...but life happens! I have to give myself a break. I have to find balance. And so this post is a hodge lodge of pictures, events, activities, and milestones that our family has hit these past couple months. Hopefully these pictures will spark the memories I can one day tell my children. We love each other and we have fun. That's all that matters.

Walks through the green hills on Sunday is our new favorite.

In February we celebrate Brad being half way through Dental School. It was Prom 2008 all over again, but this time I got to call my date my husband! I was in heaven.


We also took a weekend getaway to Bodega Bay with my family to check it out. Unfortunately it rained the whole time, but we still managed to have a blast.

He insisted on wearing Adelaide's jacket...

Brad has been significantly less busy with school than last year and we are all grateful. Adelaide loves her Dad cuddles.

Brad is the master Dentist and I might be partial but he gave me the best cleaning I have ever had.

Proving how much Adelaide looks like her daddy!

We loved celebrating Easter this year!

2016/2017 has been the rainiest winter California has seen in 30 years. Couple that with a crazy toddler, you can bet we are SO excited for sunny days. Caleb could and does play outside with Turbo for hours. 

One day Caleb told me we needed a bird house so we went and bought one and I let him paint it and put it in the tree outside. He loves it!

Our new challenge has been keeping Caleb in one area. He is the master climber and has figured out how to scale chain linked fences. One day I found him in the neighbors horse pasture. He had climbed 3 fences to get there and I about had a heart attack when I saw him. This kid is giving me grey hairs already and he isn't even a teenager.

These two are my life and I love spending my days with them.


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