Sunday, February 12, 2017

Adelaide 6 Months

Our sweet little Adelaide is 6 months and I am feeling bad because I don't do near enough updates on her. She is such a happy baby and these six months have gone by so fast, yet it feels like she's been with us for forever!

One of my favorite things she does is a little squint smile when she gets really excited! I rarely catch her NOT smiling! She also loves to stick her tongue out and blow raspberries.

She loves attention and being surrounded by people. She's like Caleb in that she literally will sleep ANYwhere as long as I swaddle and binky her.

People are always commenting that she looks like a doll and I totally agree. My bald, blonde doll:).

She loves nursing and eats like a champ. She loves to grab faces and pull on my hair while she's eating, but I don't mind because it's so stinkin cute. We started feeding her real food about two weeks ago and she just eats that up. Around that same time I started sleep training her and she is now sleeping from 10-6...we are happy parents! Unfortunately I did have to move her bassinet into the small closet in our room, but desperate times call for desperate measures. She won't remember being a Harry Potter child, right?!

She hasnt been into moving much yet. All she can do is roll from her stomach to her back (around 4 months), but that's about it. She's really good at sitting up...because she likes seeing everything.

I get asked a lot how Caleb is with her and the answer is he is amazing! He is gentle and loving, but doesn't pay too much attention to her. He likes her, but he keeps his distance--The perfect combo! I shouldn't have ever been worried about his transition to not being the only child, he is so easy going and nothing really phases him!

We sure love our little princess! It is so fun to have a baby girl in the family. Her smile makes us so happy and we are blessed with such a sweet spirit in our home! 

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