Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Break

Every 12 weeks Brad gets a week long break from school and every time we try to jam pack it with as many fun activities as we can...this break was no exceptions. But, we are quickly coming to realize how much effort it takes to go anywhere with two young children! They are worth it though...

Brad took his last final on Friday and came straight home so we could go boating with some of our friends. My parents have a boat that doesn't get used very often so Brad and I have taken it upon ourselves to put some hours on it. ;) We went 3 straight weeks in a row and can't wait for next season so we can take it out more!

On Sunday we blessed our sweet little Adelaide in the Alamo 1st ward with all of our local family and friends. It was a special day and Brad gave a beautiful blessing.

She is SUCH an angel baby and I love everything about her. She has such a sweet demeanor and is constantly smiling and 'coo'ing...I am so glad we got a little princess to dress up and dote over.



Last year Brad and I attended a time share presentation and the gift for doing it was 3 free nights at a hotel in Anaheim and 2 adult tickets to Disneyland. We thought this was the perfect idea because Caleb will be three next year and so we wanted to take him before we have to buy him a ticket. 

We left for Southern California right after lunch on Sunday and got to our hotel that night. When we pulled in and saw what it was we both just had to laugh. I don't know if I have ever stayed at a place more sketchy. I take that should have seen some of the hotels my parents put us in growing up...but it was HILARIOUS. We really couldn't complain because it was FREE99 but I felt like I needed to sleep fully clothed and wear shoes constantly. 

Monday we woke up, went on a family run through town (our hotel was right next to Knotts Berry Farm) and then headed up North to Santa Monica Beach. It was over 100 degrees that day, so the beach was PERFECT. Brad and Caleb loved playing in the water and I sat under the umbrella hanging with my babe-a-licious of a daughter in her tutu swim suit. I can't get enough.

After the beach we were all STARVING so we went and got Mexican food. The Coons family food of choice. Eating out with the kiddos is a total joke, but we half survived by taking turns eating and watching the kids. You really do just have to laugh about all the crazy experiences. SOME day we will miss this.

After dinner we drove to our friend Ryan Curtis and his wife's brand new apartment to chat with them for a little bit. We all walked downtown together and got frozen yogurt. 

On our way home I HAD to stop by the Romriell's and see their brand spankin' new baby Lorenzo. He was less than a week old and soo precious! Camille gave me the detailed birth story and I loved on Lorenzo the whole time. If arranged marriages were a thing, these two would be getting married in 23 years. They even had matching swaddles without any planning. 

Tuesday was our big Disneyland day! Unfortunately we were feeling EXHAUSTED from the day before and fighting colds so we slept in before going to the park. Having it be 100 degrees was perfect for the beach, but NOT perfect for Disneyland. It was still a happy day and Caleb was super excited to be there.

We rode Winnie The Pooh 3 times in a row.

Our secret to dealing with a toddler and newborn at Disneyland: Caffeine. You don't want to know how many times we walked back to the Mexican restaurant (free refills!) to get more Diet Coke.

We lasted about 7 hours which I am super proud of. Our highlights were Caleb meeting Tigger and Winnie, Pirates of the Caribbean and it's air conditioning, Caleb hating Kylo Ren, hating on Finding Nemo (worst. ride. ever.), and Toy Story.

Wednesday we slept in, ran again (we're training for a half marathon in December), packed up and drove home!

The second half of break was pretty much just as crazy as the first. My parents went out of town so we were in charge of operation "entertain Annie". Her and I joke that I am my Mom's nanny. I grocery shop, cook dinner, and basically am Annie's second mom! 

On Friday Annie didn't have school so we took her and a friend out boating. They pretty much tubed the whole time, but the water was freezing so Brad and I didn't mind.

Saturday night we went to Six Flags for fright fest. Our season passes expire at the end of the year so we are trying to get as much use as we can! 

With all our activities the break seemed to go by way too fast! Brad started his 6th quarter of Dental School (almost HALF way!!) and we are already looking forward to Christmas Break where he will get 3 weeks off. My favorite part about the breaks are that we get time to be together as a family. It blows my mind that we have 2 children and that they are growing up so fast! Sometimes I see Brad playing with the kids and my heart almost explodes with all the love I have in my life. My family makes me so happy! 



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