Monday, August 29, 2016


Our life has changed a lot this past month. I had a lot of stress and anxiety with the thought of transitioning from one kid to two kids and looking back I was totally justified. Time for some #realtalk. Those first couple days after coming home from the hospital and sending Brad back to school (I feel jipped with no maternity leave) were HARD. I felt like I was literally drowning in all the tears that were shed. I looked fine on the outside, but on the inside I was a mess.

 Sleep deprivation, add on hormones, add on long hours Brad being away, add on a crazy two year old meant emotional mess for me. Poor Brad would come home every night and just hold me while I cried and cried and cried. I knew that I needed to relax and just take one day at a time but it's hard to see the big picture when you're so stressed. Luckily my mom was a saint and helped with Caleb a ton so that I could at least nap and on some days get out of the house without having a complete melt down. I also had other people offer to take Caleb for the mornings which was a HUGE help.
Even though the first week was really tough I am not one to sit and complain about my situation. I decided (and this is totally what I needed...not saying it's for everyone) that the best thing for me was to go ahead and live life like we lived before Adelaide. We needed to get up, shower, go to the park, swim, go shopping etc. like a normal person. But this time we just had a one or two week old with us. I got a lot of funny looks when I would pull my one week old out of the stroller at the park to feed her, but hey, I felt less crazy doing that than being couped up in my small apartment at my in-laws. Slowly the melt downs were every other day, and then only when Brad would leave on Monday mornings, and now I feel like instead of drowning I am swimming. 

We've got a routine down and we are happy. Adelaide is on a super awesome schedule (can I get a hallelujah for Baby Wise and sleeping 6 hours at night?!). Brad is doing well in school and doesn't have to deal with a manic wife, and I feel great both physically and emotionally.  


Caleb is a rockstar. 
-I was worried that Caleb would act out when Adelaide was born, but he has been AMAZING. In fact, he kind of just does his own thing and ignores us when we nurse/focus on Adelaide. I think he is a little worried about hurting her so he doesn't touch her much, but he always talks about his "baby sister" in a cute little voice. He's been a little bit more defiant to Brad and I, but we are working with him and he has already gotten more obedient. He thinks breastfeeding is awesome and calls it "pump pumping" which totally makes me laugh, and he LOVES playing with my breast pump. All in all it has been a great transition for him.-


I slowly started exercising about a week ago and that has also helped a ton with my emotional health. There were so many times when I was overwhelmed that I just wanted to drop everything and go on a run but I couldn't. There is just something about being outside and exercising that feels so good. Having both kids strapped down for an hour might also have something to do with it...

We have been able to do a lot of things since Adelaide joined us because she is such an easy baby! 
Our anniversary was a week ago and so we left Caleb with my parents and went out to dinner/a movie. 


Happy 5 years to us! Every year seems to get better and better. 

This last weekend we got last minute tickets to the 49er game! We dropped Caleb off with my cousin (thank you Megan and Parker!) and had a fun date night. Adelaide slept in our arms the whole time and we had a blast.

We also went to Six Flags on Saturday. It was a great weekend!


I think it's safe to say the worst is behind us and things are looking great with our happy family!

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