Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Party Never Ends

Even though the "family reunion" had ended, my sisters and their kiddos stuck around for another week of fun at Grandma's house. If I could use one word to describe my mom it would be FUN. She always has something planned and the grandkids seriously benefited from it this last week.

Monday was the 4th of July and every year we run the San Ramon Firecracker race in the morning. Brad, Amber, and I ran the 10k and everyone else ran the 5k. It is one of my favorite traditions and one of my goals during pregnancy was to be able to run the whole 10k 37 weeks pregnant. It might not have been very pretty, but Brad ran the whole thing with me and we did it! Final time of 1:04:58. We pushed Caleb in the stroller for the first half, then left him with Kara and Annie for the second. Someday I'm sure he'll run it with us.

Brad hasn't been into running since he ran a half marathon in 2012, but a couple months ago him and I signed up to run a half ironman together in March so he's started running more. I love having him as a running buddy! Especially when he helps push the stroller;)

After the race we all headed straight over to the Danville Parade. We've taken Caleb to a couple parades, but this one he finally got excited about. His favorite thing was the Chick-Fil-A cow on the truck. He talked about it for days afterwards. Our favorite thing was them giving out free Chick-Fil-A coupons. It was a win win. 

After the parade we came home, swam, took naps, and went over to my house for a BBQ. The 4th might be on my top list of holidays. We had a blast!

Tuesday morning Brad watched the kids so that all the girls could go out and get mani/pedis. There were 7 of us total and we created quite the scene in the salon. They loved us. 

Tuesday night we waited until my Dad got off work so we could all go see Finding Dory together. It was Caleb's first time at the theater. He lasted about 30 minutes into the movie and then all he wanted to do was climb the stairs. Luckily the theater wasn't crowded so it worked out ok. He sure did love the slurpee and popcorn though.

Wednesday morning all the girls came to my Zumba class and we had a blast. We are so lucky my mom instilled in us a love of fitness so we can enjoy things like this together!

After class we all got showered, Megan and Hudson drove over from Palo Alto, and we all went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Yummy. Then in the evening we left the kids with Jacob and went to do baptisms in the temple. 

Thursday morning I taught Bodypump and then we all went to Chuckee Cheese for lunch. (I told you my mom is fun) 

Thursday night we left Caleb with my family and caught a flight out to Las Vegas for our friend Ryan Curtis' wedding. Being almost 38 weeks pregnant we decided to make it a super quick trip, but it was so fun to get away for a couple days before baby comes. Luckily Caleb didn't even miss us because he had so much fun with his cousins. 

The wedding was on Friday and thankfully it wasn't too hot! A mere 101 degrees. I'll take it. Ryan and Emily are a beautiful couple and we are glad we got to spend their special day with them!


Between the luncheon and reception we met up with the Proberts who live in Las Vegas. An hour and a half is not long enough to catch up, but luckily we're both on the west coast and we'll be friends forever.

That night the reception was at a beautiful golf course up in Red Rock Canyon. 

We flew home early Saturday morning because I had to teach at 11, and then spent the rest of the day recovering from the trip. I love traveling, but I also love coming home to my baby.

We roasted smore's on Saturday night and then spent the day together on Sunday before Amber and her kids left early Monday morning. I hate saying goodbye to my sisters, but hopefully the Bruesekes will be back on the west coast next year! I'm still working on the Remingtons...they love Detroit too much.


Monday morning came all too fast and I sent Brad off for his first day of his second year! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this year won't be quite as rough...

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