Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lake Almanor 2016

It has been 5 years since all of the Longhurst family has been together so my parents planned a family reunion with all my siblings, their spouses, and children last week. We rented 2 houses on Lake Almanor and pretty much hung around the water all week while enjoying being together.

The boat was literally running non-stop everyday from 10 am-7 pm. All the boys knew how to drive so we would all just take turns jumping on and off the boat whenever we wanted. It worked perfectly. When we weren't on the boat we were either napping, exercising, playing games, eating, playing bocce ball, or sitting by the lake with the kids. It literally was a week of sunshine and happiness.



Caleb LOVED the boat and tubing. My dad invested in a great big, stable tube before we left and it was perfect for the kiddos and my big belly with a baby inside. It was nearly impossible to flip and super safe. Caleb also loved jumping in the lake between every ride. He is such a water baby and it is awesome. 

Being with cousins non stop was also an added bonus. Out of the 7 grandkids, 6 of them are boys so we had our fair share of wrestling, video gaming, and other mischief behavior. Thank goodness we are having a girl for Kate!


It was definitely hard not being able to participate in all the boating activities #36weekspregnant, but I may or may not have taken a couple turns getting up on the wakeboard...I would pretty much get up, ride for a minute or two inside the wake, and then get down. Just enough to get my fill and still be safe.  

One day we took the morning off from boating and drove up to Mt. Lassen National Park to go on a family hike to Boiling Pot Lake. There were lots of kids to heard so it took a long time, but it was pretty to all be in nature together. We all have very fond memories of the hikes my parents used to take us on when we were little. Some things never change.

Since we haven't been together for so long my parents wanted to take family pictures. I am amazed at how well they turned out considering all we had was a nice camera, a tripod, and a timer. T.J. was really good at getting to his spot in 10 seconds. We are so blessed to be a family! Every member is important and I love each of my siblings for different reasons. Plus, we make some adorable kids.

I'm pretty sure the highlight of the week was the day we convinced my parents to rent 2 jet skiis. We only had them for four hours so every pair got one hour to ride. Caleb went with us for about 20 minutes before we ditched him to get some real riding in. Then Brad ditched me so he could go even crazier and not worry about hurting our unborn child (this was NOT the week to be pregnant).


The week ended way too fast but I am so glad we got to spend the time together. Lots of memories were made!

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