Monday, June 20, 2016

Work Hard, Play Hard

We did it! We finished the dreaded first year of Dental School and boy am I glad to have put that behind us. Brad worked his tail off for 11 months and has given me every reason to be proud of him. He won't brag about himself so I will. You know, for posterities sake. Brad finished this year in the top 16% of his class. His goal was the top 20% so that he could be inducted into a special fraternity in December and he smashed his goal. He is also ranked 18 out of 140 students. Not only has he killed it with his academics, he was voted to be the clinic ambassador next year which is the liaison between the students and faculty in the clinic. He ALSO got hired (yay for getting paid!) to be the head T.A. for the first year anatomy. I don't know how he is able to juggle so much, but I feel so blessed that he is a hard worker. He never gives up.

 In order to celebrate finishing our first year we met up with some of the other dental couples in Walnut Creek one night to go out to dinner. I love being with the dental wives because we all totally understand how hard the past year has been.

Brad has a whole month off and we've jam packed it with vacations and fun activities. This is the last time it will be just our family of 3 so we are trying to soak in every last moment. He finished finals on Thursday, so Friday we headed up to Tahoe to meet up with our friends, the Stevens, to camp for the weekend.

We arrived Friday night and set up camp then drove to Tahoe City to grab some food and walk along the water. Caleb was in heaven the whole 3 days. He thought sleeping in a tent was the coolest thing ever. He also thinks having his dad around 24/7 is the best thing ever.

It ended up being FREEZING cold at night, but we all slept pretty good. Caleb figured out real early that the best way to sleep is with your blanket wrapped around your head.

On our drive up we stopped at CVS and found a bat and ball that Caleb played with the whole time. Best $5 i've ever spent. This kid loves all things sport related.

On Saturday we woke up, Tressa and I went on a run together, and we all had breakfast at camp. After getting everything organized we drove to Emerald Bay and hiked down to the water. Brad and I came here 5 years ago on our honeymoon so it holds a special place in our heart. Here we are with 1 kid and another on the way! 34 weeks pregnant. 

Caleb's sleeping was pretty messed up our whole vacation and this is the only nap he got all day. It lasted about 10 minutes until we got down to the water and he wanted to go swimming.

The water was about 50 degrees and totally freezing but that didn't stop Caleb. Chattering teeth and all. Tressa is an amazing photographer and so she snapped a couple picts for us. 


 Caleb loves when we ask him about his baby sister and he gets to touch my belly.

Him showing me the baby in his belly.


We got back from our excursion and as soon as we arrived in camp it started pouring and hailing. We all retreated to our tents and spent about two hours waiting for the rain to pass. Caleb sang songs and entertained us the whole time. He's hilarious.


The rain never stopped so around 6 we drove into Truckee and got delicious Mexican food. After dinner it finally cleared up so we went back to camp and started a fire. Caleb fell right asleep when we got back....the poor kid was worn out! 

My favorite part about camping: the yummy desserts:)


There was a river that ran through camp but because we had Caleb and he loves water we never went down to check it out for fear that he would wander off without us. But since he had fallen asleep we left Riley in camp and hiked along the river.  The fog was just starting to roll in and it was beautiful. 

This picture is my favorite because there was a couple sitting along the water who asked us if we were newlyweds...almost 5 years and still going strong! I hope we will be asked that in 20 years as well. Although the wrinkles and children might give it away....

Sunday morning we slept in and ate another delicious breakfast.

After packing up camp we drove another 8 hours onto Provo to visit for the next week. We stayed with my best friend/old roommate and her family. She has a son who is Caleb's age and they became instant friends. Caleb and Joshua. It was meant to be. 

On Monday morning we all went on a run up the canyon to Bridal Veil Falls. Annie is my forever running buddy. It was sooooo good to be able to run with her again. I can't wait until we can run another marathon together someday. 

Next stop: Sodalicious. I miss this place dearly. We filled up a whole punch card in 4 days. It doesn't help the Bringhursts literally lives one block was just too convenient! 

After lunch and naps we all went down for a nap (a daily occurrence) and then got dinner at Cafe Rio (is it bad that half the reason I miss Provo so much is because of the food?) and came back to the house to watch the Warriors game. 

On Tuesday we pretty much spent the day at the Provo Rec Center. A day pass is only 5 dollars so we went over in the morning to exercise and back in the afternoon to swim.

Duck lips. Like father like son. This may or may not be us on our way to Sodalicious for the third time in 24 hours....

The pool at the Rec Center is the coolest ever. And oh how I miss those beautiful mountains..

SOOO tired from swimming.

After swimming we went over to our friends house for a BBQ. The Faucettes were in our ward in Provo and we've been able to see them a couple times since we've moved away. They've since bought a house so we went over to see it and catch up. We were so lucky to make so many good couple friends in Provo, something that we seriously took for granted. 

I told Brad that one thing I really wanted to do while in Provo was hike the Y so we did that on Wednesday morning. I forget every time how freakin steep that hike is! Luckily it is extra beautiful at the top.


After our hike Brad went to lunch with Dr. Matthews (the dentist he worked for in Provo) and I went to lunch with an old friend, Stephanie. The Proberts were also a couple we hung out with in our ward and have since moved to Las Vegas for medical school. Luckily Seth was doing an internship Park City the same time we were there so we got to meet up! 

After more naps in the afternoon and a serious scare with paint thinner in Caleb's eye (it was traumatic) we left the boys with Annie's brother to go do a session at the new City Center Temple. I can't even describe how beautiful it was! It was also so great to be able to sit next to my best friend inside the temple walls. Annie and I have been through a lot together and I am so grateful for her friendship!

Dallas took the boys to ice cream and surprised us when we came out of the temple! My heart was filled with joy.

Thursday ended up being a lot like Tuesday. We exercised at the Rec Center, took naps, and then went back and swam in the afternoon.

Thursday night is the food truck roundup in Provo so we all went over and got dinner. This was the only picture we got together all week but I am so glad we got it! We love the Bringhursts and their willingness to put up with us crashing their apt for the week!

Friday was a sad day. I woke up extra early so that I could get one last run through one of my favorite places. Provo will always have a special place in my heart. It was the place Brad and I went to school, dated, started our marriage, and had our first child. I'm sad I can't relive those years, but am so grateful for the time I had. It's a magical place.

After packing up the car and saying our goodbye's we hit the road and drove home. 

Even though that was the end of that vacation, we thankfully still have 3 more weeks to live it up!


  1. I wish I had half your energy 😉 Such an amazing week and so glad you are getting some Brad time. So many great pics too!

  2. It's so good that you can relive the memories and be with great friends!