Thursday, May 19, 2016

My LIttle Two Year Old

It's hard to believe that Caleb is already two! It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital and adjusted to being parents. Caleb has always had an easy going personality and he continues to impress me with how happy he always is!


I feel like I should give myself a pat on the back because we made it to age 2 without any stitches/broken bones/hospital visits, which is quite the accomplishment with how active and adventurous he is. It really hasn't been anything I have done though, not only does he have no fear, he also has an amazing amount of coordination. That coupled with his high pain tolerance means he really doesn't hurt himself very often. And when he does I usually don't know how bad it is until a huge bruise or lump appears because he doesn't cry! Sometimes he will wake up in the morning with a large bruise somewhere and I have NO IDEA where he got it from.

Within the past couple weeks Caleb has really started using his words and speaking in sentences. He has always communicated well, but I love that he can express what he wants with his words. It also means he is showing his sense of humor and quirkiness. His personality is my favorite.


Caleb's favorite thing of all time is swimming. He would swim all day every day if I let him. It's finally warm enough here to go swimming most days so that is what we do. Hopefully by the end of summer he'll be able to swim without his puddle jumper on!


no skin cancer for this little goober

Brad spends as much time as he can with us, but most of the time it's just Caleb and I hanging out. I love that he is my little buddy. We do everything together and he just goes with the flow.


When Brad is around (which has been WAY more this quarter!!!!) they love to play with his bat and ball and shoot hoops together and just do boy things. Caleb loves to burp (thanks to brad) and tells me to do it all the time. "Mommy burp!"


Part of our nighttime routine is to brush teeth, read scriptures, say prayers, and finish with a song. Caleb has become OBSESSED with "I Love To See The Temple" and asks for the "temple song" every night. We decided one night while driving home from the city to take him by the temple and show him what it is. His face lit up when we got to the parking lot and it was seriously a moment I will never forget.

Recently Caleb has regressed in sleeping. I am glad he chose to do it now and hopefully we can figure it out before the baby comes. He has been waking up between 5 and 5:30 wanting to eat and go back to sleep. For a while Brad and I would bring him back to bed with us and let him sleep in our bed for a couple hours, but we've hit our breaking point and decided that we need to kick that habit. So now it is back to either letting him cry it out or he wakes up that early and just plays in his room and is super grumpy until his nap. I am pretty stubborn when it comes to sleep training and we've only been letting him do this for a couple days but he is already getting better. Now he sleeps in until about 6:30, which I can totally handle as long as he is happy.


We love you Caleb and love watching you grow! 

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