Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunshine Adventures

I promised myself that I would keep this blog going no matter how many kids I have, but it's been a struggle with only 1 1/2! And the half doesn't even cry, poop, or need food yet! I'm trying...

We've had a great month enjoying all the sunshine that California has brought us. I can live with 70 degree days in the winter. I am being spoiled because when I wake up to a rainy day I get mad and grumpy and I have to remind myself that it is normal for it to rain during this time of year! 

A couple weeks ago I was getting antsy to get outside so we planned some fun activities. I am lucky to have such good mom friends who like getting out just as much as I do! My friend Michelle who was one of my best friends in high school and has since become  one of my "best mom friends" was feeling the same way so we took our boys up to Tilden Park to feed and pet the animals. 

It was a gorgeous day and we wore the kids out just in time for naps!

Another day Caleb and I went into the city to visit Camille and go to the beach. It only took Caleb 5 minutes because he was soaked from head to toe with ocean water. Cold doesn't faze this kid. And I have learned my lesson. Always carry a change of clothes.

We also took a beautiful walk around stow lake in golden gate of my favorite places in the city. Thanks for not getting my chubby belly in the pic, Camille.

Brad has had a lighter quarter so it's been nice to see him more. We are hoping the worst is behind us! My favorite is to go on walks through the hills with Caleb in the backpack. 

Caleb is almost 2 and blows my mind everyday with how much of a little person he is. *heart bursting*


Elsie is his favorite little buddy and they love to create havoc together. She even puts up with his aggressive toddler outbreaks...I don't know if I could still be friends with someone that tackles or hits me on a regular basis.

Caleb has also become quite the communicator. He knows how to tell me exactly what he wants even when I am pretty sure he is speaking in straight gibberish. We've been trying to teach him about the baby that is coming and so far we've gotten to a point where if you ask where the baby is he will lift up my shirt and point to my belly. That's good enough for me. I am so excited to watch him become a big brother!

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