Monday, February 1, 2016


We have had a great month to start the New Year. While it was hard to send Brad back to school after Christmas break, we have a good routine down and try to keep ourselves busy. It gets harder and harder to end breaks because I know that storm that is coming. Supposedly the second quarter of dental school is the hardest, so we are hoping to see Brad a little more this quarter. There are some days where I just feel like screaming and crying and falling apart all at the same time, but I know this will all be worth it in the end. I just have to keep reminding myself that. My heart can't wait for the days when Brad makes it home for dinner on time and gets to see Caleb before he goes to bed every night.

Caleb has become quite the entertaining 20 month old. He has the funniest little quirks that just keep me smiling all day long. That kid has no fear and will walk up to anyone and say "hi". I love that he is so friendly.

He also has taken to galloping everywhere he goes (if he's not running). It's this little hop/skip/run and it totally cracks me up.


He also has really enjoyed the day care at the gym (thank goodness) and every time we get out of the car he yells "balls?!". He loves to play with all the little kids and fun toys that are there. It makes life a lot easier when he doesn't scream every time I leave...


I have always known that Caleb has a soft, gentle spirit but it has really started to show quite a bit in the last couple months. He loves giving hugs and cuddling (when I can get him to sit still for 2 seconds). My favorite are his kisses.

He has learned how to "smile" and take selfies which means he takes lot of photos of himself on my phone.


There are many things to be grateful for, but most importantly we are blessed to be a family. Life can bring whatever it wants on us, we've got each other! 

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  1. your last line is my all time favorite thing ever. sooo true! so thankful to be family with you guys!