Friday, November 6, 2015

A Month Full of Crazy

The month of October was a crazy one for us. 

Sadly at the end of the month on October 27th Brad's Grandpa Peirce suffered a stroke leaving him paralyzed on one side which ended up taking his life on the 29th. We are all so grateful that we had 2 days to spend with him to say our goodbyes before he passed on. He was such a wonderful, loving man and he will be very missed. I am sad that my children won't get to meet him (on this earth at least) and learn from him like I have. His family meant everything to him and he made sure they knew that. The funeral was on Monday and they shared a saying that he said at his retirement party that I think perfectly shows the type of person he was. He said, "I think in life, people spend too much time thinking about what a person is t rather than what a person is. I like people. It's a simple philosophy, but it works for me." I am grateful for the gospel and the assurance that we will all see him one day. 


Before everything happened with grandpa we were able to get in some serious halloween fun. I decided to throw my first halloween party for our friends one weekend, and Annie's the next. My mom and dad recently got new outdoor furniture and a fireplace so it was perfect timing. I'm no Halloween fanatic, but i'd say the decorations turned out pretty dang awesome.

lights on

lights off

lights on

lights off

the new fireplace!

the spooky front door
The party for our friends was a costume party so we debuted the troll family. Unfortunately I had to explain what we were multiple times, I still think it was a solid costume idea....especially since Brad never complained about dressing up!

we have cool friends
Annie refused to throw a costume party, so we ate donuts and played video games instead. It doesn't take much to entertain 14 year olds...the sexual tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. 

We also went to the pumpkin patch with friends! Unfortunately I forgot to put the memory card in my camera, but Jenn got a good picture of all the babies together! 

The night before Halloween was the ward trunk or treat. It was spectacular. So much fun I only took 2 pictures...

On actual Halloween we were sick of our troll costumes so 10 minutes before walking out the door we threw on something else. I'd say they turned out pretty good...being nerdy comes easy.

We all met up at Anna's, ate some yummy chili, then headed over to grandmas to visit her. From there we trick-or-treated her neighborhood. It was so fun to see Caleb walk up to each door and reach into the bucket to grab the candy. He was slightly more entertained by the pumpkins and lights, but we lovingly directed him to the gold:)

With October over we are ready to head straight into the Holidays. Bring on the turkeys and christmas trees!

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