Wednesday, November 11, 2015

18 Months

It's hard to express the feelings of a mother into words, but if I had to use one word to describe it, it would be MAGICAL. Everyday is magical. I get to watch this little child who once relied on me 100% become an independent, opinionated, confidant little man. Each day has it's challenges, but I am grateful for this journey.

Caleb has changed a lot these past couple months but I think my favorite change is that Caleb can now go to nursery at church! Brad was called as a nursery leader a couple months ago so he has been going, but it is still a big deal that it is finally OFFICIAL!

Last week Caleb decided he didn't want to take naps. He would sit in his crib and play for an hour before I would come get him. I was depressed thinking that he might be done napping, but then I read some stuff online that says this is a normal stage and as long as you are more stubborn than they are they should nap until 3 yrs. I had to put my foot down a couple days and let him cry for an hour before he would go to sleep, but I ended up winning and now he sleeps for 2-3 hours! Mom wins again.


Caleb is finally growing and at our last appointment he was up in the 25 percentile. Yay! 

Caleb impresses me everyday with his coordination. He jumps, dances, runs (sprints), descends stairs on his feet, and can climb on top of pretty much anything. I love that he is so active.


Not only is he coordinated, i'm convinced he has a serious tolerance for pain. The other day he was underneath the table, stood up and banged his head, and walked away. Today he was running and did a full on superman dive, got up shook his arms, and kept running!

Caleb knows a lot of words, but doesn't use them very well to communicate, even when prompted. The words he knows are: mom, dad, ball, dog, moo(is that considered a word?), hop, milk, papa, grandpa, pumpkin, no, out, and turbo. I think it is really important for him to learn to say "please" and "thank you" at a young age so I taught him those baby signs and it is the cutest thing ever. 

The funniest old man i've ever seen.

This kid is NOT lacking in the personality department: 

Caleb LOVES animals. The neighbors have horses so every day we go pick apples from our apple tree and go feed them. Whenever we see dogs or cats on a walk he has to run up and give them kisses. It's adorable.

Caleb is a really good eater. He pretty much eats everything we eat. He's also a total goofball and loves to make people laugh. 


Caleb only sees Brad on the weekends so we make sure they get lots of time together on Saturday and Sunday. He's definitely a happier kid when Dad is around. I have to remember that school is only temporary and someday Brad will be around a lot more. It will not be like this with every kid; being a single mom Monday-Friday is tough work!

I love this stage of life that Caleb is in. He has totally turned into my little buddy he makes me so happy!!!

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