Friday, October 2, 2015

Cotopaxi Questival

I've come to realize that I've got many different types of friend groups. My mom friends, my exercise friends, my church friends, my dental school friends, my life long friends, and my go to adventure have fun friends. Most friends fit into multiple categories but I am pretty sure Camille and her husband Alex are on the leaderboard for my "adventure/fun friends" list. 

Camille texted me a couple months ago about signing up for a 24 hour scavenger hunt around SF and I was immediately intrigued. I'll admit I was worried about being away from Caleb that long, Brad's school, and figuring out logistics but Camille talked me out of every one of my excuses so we signed up. I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into...

Brad's quarter ended on Thursday of last week (he KILLED his first semester in dental school!!!) so he had one day to recouperate before we had to be in the city on Friday night. My parents offered to watch Caleb for us (THANKS MOM, DAD, AND ANNIE!!!) so we dropped him off and barted in to meet up with Camille and Alex for the kick off party at Crissy Field. 
[The scavenger hunt was organized by giving a list of over 200 tasks to be completed in a 24 hour period of time. Each task was given a set number of points depending on accessibility and ease of compeletion. The team completed the most tasks being the most creative and getting the most votes was the winner and got a free trip to Belize to compete in the Championship Cotopaxi Questival.]

The kick off party was rad and got us totally psyched up for that night. It didn't help that they also gave us as many red bulls as we wanted...Camille had organized our hunt via neighborhoods in the city so we set off after organizing everything. Friday night we hit up the Presidio, Fisherman's Warf, and Ocean Beach. There are way too many pictures (you know if you downloaded the judging app) but I will post the fun ones. 

Here are some of the highlights from that night:

-Getting our backpacks.

-Alex being picked to be in the dance off finals. Him saying "I am ten years older than everybody on this stage"

-Camille seeing a girl she knew via social media and being mad because she knew she was gonna win (she actually 

-Our team name:

-Camille and I doing headphone karaoke to "Tell Me When To Go" on the corner of Fishermans Warf and remembering EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. This is why we are friends.

-Eating bread bowls at 10pm and being so incredibly happy. 

-The Ghirardelli lady giving us each a HUGE handful of chocolate. If you've been to Ghirardelli square you know that is UNHEARD OF. So we took a picture with her:)

-Camille buying the wrong wood for our fire. 

-Fitting 3 people into one sleeping bag. I almost peed my pants...

This picture is totally awkward, but it's the only one I have of us in the sleeping bag.
It was G rated, or so we thought...

-The cops telling us to douse our fire while stuck in said sleeping bag.

-Brad and Alex jumping in the ocean at 11pm. They took one for the team.

-Frantically trying to get as many tasks done before trying to go to bed at 1am

-Having a sleepover at C&A's apt!

We did sleep a little Friday night! It was hard for everyone (minus Brad, he was exhausted after finals week) to fall asleep but we finally did only to wake up at 6:30 for the sunrise. Alex had planned to just wake up alone, but once his alarm went off we were all hopped up on adrenaline from the night before so we got up. There was too much to do and too little time! 

Here's highlights from day 2:

-Alex getting up for the sunrise.

-My morning run through the forest by their apt. 

-Brad feeding Ben and Jerry's to a Cotopaxi staff member in front of the painted ladies at 8:30am and getting it in his beard.

-Camille's awesome captions on every picture/video.

-The crazy lady in the botanical gardens who was allergic to flowers but still accepted ours. 

-Brad being grumpy because we didn't feed him enough or let him sleep. No rest for the weary!

-Alex's AWESOME navigation of the city. If he told me he grew up in SF I would believe him. 

-Talking to the black men about or Questival and them saying, "why don't you guys just be normal Americans and sit at home all day watching TV?"

-Brad ruining his tattoo because he didn't take off the plastic.

-The pirate and naked scene at Sutro baths and Labyrinth.

-Flannel boy saying "5 people have already asked to take a picture with me today"

-Dog lady saying "I've only lived in SF for 4 months and I'm already a stereotype"

-Eating overpriced, yucky food at Haight & Ashbury (I thought there was no such thing as yucky food in SF?)

-Alex's hipster outfit. He like llamas before it was cool to like them.

-The yucky man I traded shirt/cape with for 2 seconds and made my shirt radiate BO

-All the stinky people we smelt while being in SF for only 24 hours...I don't know if this is a "highlight" or more scarring...

-Brad kicking a field goal with his left foot

-The Seward slides. Brad almost blowing our his knee. They are not kid proof.

-The craziness that is Dolores Park

-Meeting my new BFF in the Castro and sharing an apple during our arm wrestle. He also asked me for a lap dance in front of Brad but told him, "don't worry, I'm not interested in her kind"....

-Windy Twin Peaks

-Racing around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get as much done as possible.

-Being so tired running up coit tower stairs. Where are those stupid parrots?!

-Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge as our final task during the sunset. 

Most of the day we were ranked top 3 but at the very end a bunch of teams uploaded everything and we were kicks into the top 20. Sad we didn't win, but the point was to have fun and we totally did that. It was the most crazy, exhausting, hilarious 24 hours and I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anybody else. I loved that we got to see so much of San Francisco and had a blast doing it. Who's in for Cotopaxi Questival 2016?! We're in it to win it!

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