Friday, October 9, 2015

1/12 A Dentist

We started off Brad's fall break with a bang with Questival, but we pretty much partied all week long. Caleb got his much needed "daddy time" and I loved having my best friend around to do fun things with. 

I still taught classes so we played around my work schedule. On Tuesday we hit put he Oakland Zoo because Caleb has been LOVING all animals lately. He's still a little young to really appreciate everything it has to offer, but we still have fun together as a family!

I still am in awe at how big Caleb is getting. Like, wasn't I just pregnant?

We also partied hard going by going to Safeway. They say don't go into the store's living proof. You come out with 4 pints of ice cream. 

Brad's favorite thing is to pull Caleb out of his bed at night and lay with him for a while. He got to do a lot of this during break.

Earlier in the month we got a killer deal on 6 flags season passes so on Friday night we left Caleb with my parents and took Annie to Discovery Kingdom for fright fest. A bunch of other dental couples got them so we all met up at the park. We had So. Much. Fun. 

Annie LOVES being the third wheel in our relationship. Poor girl puts up with a lot having us live here...

The zombies weren't as scary as I remember them being in high school, but that's not to say I didn't get totally freaked a couple times. 

On Saturday we decided to run a 10k with my parents. Brad hasn't run (let alone exercised) since school started so he made me promise to run the whole thing with him. It was a struggle but I pushed Caleb in the stroller so that slowed me down;). I am actually really impressed because we finished within an hour!

The rest of the weekend/break was spent relaxing and watching conference. I.e. My favorite. It was a little crazy with a 17 month old but we still got to listen to most of the talks. I can't wait to review all of them and the beautiful words that were said! Caleb got a lot of cuddles in.

Monday morning and school came way too fast, but we are so grateful for Brad and his dedication to school. He is now 1/12 of the way through school and we are so proud!

For now we just have pictures to remind us of him until December...

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