Sunday, August 16, 2015

15 Months Going On 15 Years

Caleb is now 15 months and he deserves a post. My once little, sweet baby has oficially turned into an opinionated, crazy toddler. He screams at me if I don't do what he wants and he ALWAYS wants something. He has figured out that if he points and screams at something long enough I usually give in. I pride myself in being stubborn, but this kid might show me up:) 

I love that Caleb is so independent. He is really good at self play but also enjoys running around with other kids. When the cousins come over he is in heaven. We are so lucky that Caleb has Elsie to constantly play with 
Proof that he never stops moving
Caleb figured out the whole walking thing and has gotten into climbing. The other day I caught him climbing a ladder ONTO THE ROOF. I am not a hoovering parent and believe in allowing him freedom to explore, but I gotta keep this kid alive...

Caleb definitely misses Dad while he is away at school. Brad rarely gets to see Caleb during the week so we make sure weekends are full of playing (when Brad isn't studying). 


While Caleb is an aggressive little boy he also has a sensitive and loving side. If you ask him to give you "loves" he will give you a huge hug. He especially loves hugging his Grammie and Papa (Coons) and Grandma and Grandpa (Longhurst). Usually when he does something wrong I will tell him "no" and then he will come give me a hug. It's adorable and I can't ever really get mad at him. 

The words he can say include: mom, dad, papa, dog, apple, wow, hop, and hot. It seems like everyday he learns something new. 


Caleb's favorite toy is any type of ball. He is obsessed. He plays catch, tries to dribble, and throws like nobody's business. 

Tressa came into town for a week to hang out with Caleb and I and we had a blast exploring San Francisco. We went to the beach one day and Caleb was in heaven. There was a little Mexican family who was sitting next to us who LOVED Caleb. They even included him in their family pictures!! It was hilarious. 

One of these is not like the other...


It was so fun to have Tressa here and we were sad that she had to go back to Utah but I am sure there will be many trips back and forth to visit:)

We love that Caleb is becoming his own person and exploring life. I feel a huge responsibility to raise him with correct principles and make sure he is a nice, loving person. As a mother I see so much potential in him and I just want him to be successful in everything he does. We love you Caleb!!!

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