Sunday, July 12, 2015

14 Months

Caleb is now 14 months! I love al the changes he has made and it has been so fun to see him turn from a baby to a toddler. There are a couple things I don't want to forget about this "phase" and so I want to write them here:

1) Hi favorite word is "hi". And he totally knows what it means. Whenever I come in to get him from his nap he stands up and says hi, hi, hi over and over again. When people smile at him in the store he smiles back and says hi. I'm obsessed with how cute it is and it never gets old. 

2) Instead of pointing with his finger he uses his whole hand to communicate what he wants. If he wants to go outside, or get something from the fridge he'll shoot his arm in the air straight toward it. He uses the same gesture to wave at someone. So funny. 

3) He's got 3 teeth. That means he only has one tooth on the top so when he smiles there's only one little white thing poking out. I love it. We're hoping the other will join soon. 

4) He's finally walking on his own! He has been able to walk for a while when we force him to,
but he just hasn't been into it. On his 14 month birthday he decided it was time to get up and go. (Maybe because his cousin Sam who is full on running made him feel a little competition) It was like a light switched and he's walked everywhere ever since. 

5) He's figured out he can make a weird noise that sounds like weeeoooo weeeoooo when he sticks his tongue in and out. He goes around doing it all the time and it's hilarious. Sometimes Brad and him will have whole conversations in their alien voices. 

6) Caleb LOVES swimming. We swim almost every day. He has learned how to hold his breath under water so he has no fear and jumps right in😁😁. I bought him a puddle jumper but he hates wearing it because it restricts him so I have to be really careful when we are in the pool.  Hopefully we can teach him to swim by then end of the summer! 

We love Caleb so much! We are a happy family and loving our time with just the three of us. Having Brad home this summer with us has been so fun, especially because  Caleb won't see him as much since Dental School started on Friday. Life is going to change in the coming months but we have positive thoughts for the future!

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  1. He's so old already! Also, his grins are killing me. He's going to be a lady slayer, haha! Miss you guys! Tell Brad good luck with school!!