Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Back To My Roots

Ever since we got married Brad and I have talked about going up to Bothell, Washington so I could show him the town where I grew up. When we found out that our friend from high school, Alex Beckman, was getting married in Spokane we decided it was the perfect chance to get up there. Brad starts dental school so we have to get as many vacations in as we can!

I had to teach Thursday morning which meant we didn't get on the road until 11. We decided it was probably too long to try to make it to Spokane in one day so we stopped in the Tri-Cities for the night. It worked out well because Becca was at home visiting her parents so we got to see her and Quentin! 

The next morning we got back in the car and drove up to Spokane to stay with my grandma for the night. Mt grandma had to work in the temple on Friday so we spent the day at my Uncle's property outside of Spokane. We saw their beautifully built home and then they took me on a gnarly 6 trail run through their hills. I pretty much got my bum kicked. Trail running is NOT road running. 
When we got back from our run the boys went and shot guns while we got dinner ready. I wish I would've taken more pictures, but I was having too much fun:)

Saturday morning was the wedding so we went over to the temple. Alex and his wife looked so beautiful together and it was a perfect day! 


Between the sealing and the reception I made us go to Cafe Rio because there was one right by my gma's house! 

Right after the reception we drove over to Bothell to spend the rest of our vacation checking out western washington. 



Thank goodness Caleb does well driving in the car. Especially when we give him red vines every time he cries... 

We just drink DC when we can't handle it anymore. 

Sunday morning we got up and drove around town seeing my old house, schools, parks, and everything else I wanted to see. 


Church was in the afternoon and it was so good to see some of the old families that I grew up with. It felt like we never left. After church we went back to the Nye's and had a bbq. Jacob came out from UW and hung with us all evening. Caleb loved their backyard and had so much fun exploring. 

Monday morning we met up with Jacob so he could show us around UW. 

We then went to lunch and went into Seattle the spend the rest of the day checking out the city. We pretty much did all the main tourist attractions. Pike Place, Ferris Wheel, Space Needle, EMP, and gum wall. It was a LONG day but the weather was so beautiful and we had SO much fun. 




Sleep came easy that night which was good because the next day we woke up and drove over to Whidbey Island for the day. We took the long road there so we could go through Deceptions Pass and oh my goodness was it worth it. The Deception Pass bridge is 180 feet off the ocean but it felt way higher. We only lasted a couple minutes on the was so scary! 

Our next stop was Fort Casey which is an abandoned military base. There are huge barracks right on the ocean that are open to tour. We had a picnic lunch and then explored the land. I grew up going to Fort Casey so it was nostalgic to go back. 


Sharing a coke with my BFF on #nationalbestfriendday

Before heading back to the ferry we stopped by a couple beaches trying to find tide pools. We never found any, but Caleb enjoyed playing in the sand.

The ferry ride back to the main island was way too short but it was still worth every penny.

For dinner we met up with some friends from Provo who are living in Puyallup. It made me miss having our couple friends around but it's nice to know we will run into people throughout our lives. 

Caleb woke up at 5:40 (who does that?!!?) so we were able to start our 14 hour drive home nice and early. We stopped in Portland to meet up with our friend from High School, Amanda, before driving the rest of the way home.

Even after 42 hours of driving in 6 days this was still one of my favorite vacations. I love traveling, but I especially love spending time with my 2 boys. 


  1. Okay sooooo fun!!! Is it weird I want you to show ME around all the places you grew up? Brads your husband, I'm your wife.

  2. are those baby sunglasses???