Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

I think this Easter was the best I have had in a long time. Everything just seemed perfect. We had good weather, good company, good food, and a great general conference. I loved that we got to hear the Apostles testify of Christ and his resurrection on that special day. It was a much needed spiritual rejuvenation and I can't wait to reread and study the talks that were given.

On Friday we joined the Remington's at a easter egg hunt put on by the Master's of Business program at BYU. It was Caleb's first egg hunt and he LOVED it. I totally made him get his face painted like a bunny. Gotta get it in while I still can:) 

He fell asleep the second I put him in his car seat so I think it was a successful day?

Saturday was my first day of training for my half iron at the end of the summer (eeek!) so I went on a long run and bike ride while listening to conference on my head phones. It was a beautiful day and in the afternoon we relaxed, napped, and watched more conference. 

Taylor and Brad went to Priesthood together so I went and hung with Kara and the boys. We ended up walking to Sodalicious and just sat around talking and laughing. I am not looking forward to this whole moving apart thing...

Caleb's present to us on Easter morning was sleeping in till 9!! I made crepes for breakfast and then we did our baskets. Caleb couldn't care less about candy and toys he got, he wanted to play with the colorful paper!

After eating our delicious breakfast we relaxed on the couch for the Sunday morning session.

In between sessions we decided to go on a walk to get out of the house. Caleb LOVES riding in the stroller. Good thing too cause he's in it a lot!

For dinner we ate a kale salad, roasted vegetables and bbq was delicious! While Brad bbq'd we sat on the grass enjoying the sunshine and blowing bubbles.

For dessert I made miniature cheesecakes. It was the perfect weekend:)

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