Friday, April 17, 2015

Capitol Reef With The Stevens!

Last weekend we spent the weekend in Capitol Reef National Park with the Stevens. Tressa and I built our friendship in a tent in New Zealand so it's necessary to relive our glory days every year by going camping. The tradition is 2 years strong and we plan to keep it going for a LONG time! June's already planned.

This year we wanted to go to Zion's, but after finding out all the campgrounds were full we chose Capitol Reef. I have never been in a slot canyon and really wanted to experience one before leaving Utah. We left Provo Friday afternoon, stopped for dinner at a delicious Mexican place in the middle of nowhere Utah and arrived around 9pm. Unfortunately all the campgrounds were full there as well so we ended up driving down a dirt road and setting up camp about 10 miles out. It actually turned out perfect because who actually wants to go camping to sleep right next to loud strangers? The privacy was awesome...minus the no bathroom part, but we worked with it:)

Caleb was such a trooper. He slept in a pack n play in our tent and had no issues! I put him in a snow suit I had bought him earlier in the season and he loved it! Kind of...

On Saturday we slept in, had breakfast (eating while camping is my fav...actually, eating is my fav) and headed to the Park. We decided to do a 6 mile hike that followed a river and had a bunch of slot canyons. We even had to hike down a couple waterfalls. I loved every second! I was worried how Caleb would do in his back pack that long, but he loved it! It was so fun and beautiful.



After the hike we were pretty tired and Caleb needed a nap so we took a long drive through the park to see everything and plan what we wanted to do the next day.

By sunset we drove back to camp, had a later dinner while talking and laughing around our campfire. We don't get to see Tressa and RyLee very often so we have to soak in all the time we get with them. That night slept REALLY well after our long day.

The next morning we woke up, packed up camp and went on another hike through more slot canyons. We were all pretty tired from the previous day so we took it easy.

None of us wanted to get home super late so we left around 2 to get lunch and drive home.

I am so grateful for the great friends we have! It is such a blessing and we are going to miss all of them so much when we move.

We've got 2 weekends left in Provo and things are starting to feel real...and my emotions are crazy. I find myself in tears when I think about closing this chapter of my life. There have been so many great memories and I want to hold onto them forever, but I know the future is bright and we are excited for what is to come!

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