Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hawaii 2015

A week ago we got back from one of the most wonderful vacations to Hawaii. Brad and I (and Caleb too, for that matter) have never been to Hawaii so we decided to take a family trip all together before dental school. It was everything I expected it to be...

Our flight left SLC at 6:30 on Wednesday morning so we got up REAL early. Thank goodness for our friend, Mandy who offered to wake up at 4:45 and take us to the airport. She's a saint.

The flight went well and Caleb did great! Mostly because I accidentally booked him a ticket, (oops...i'm not good with using flight miles) so we were able to bring the carseat on the airplane. 

We landed in Honolulu around noon (yay for time changes!) and got a Taxi to our hotel on Waikiki. We couldn't check in until 3 so we left our baggage at the desk and went straight to the beach! 

Lots of family selfies on this trip...I need a selfie stick...

That first day at the beach Caleb was NOT happy about the sand or the water but he warmed up to it by the end of the trip. And when I say warmed up I mean he was shoveling buckets of sand into his mouth every time I turned around. 


Once we were finally able to check into the hotel we got changed and walked to a nearby burger joint which was YUMMY. By this point it was 7pm and we were EXHAUSTED from our day of travel. We walked back to the hotel and were asleep by 8:30.

The next morning Caleb woke up at 4:30 (boo for time changes!) and was ready to start his day! Lucky for us we had planned to wake up early and go on a sunrise hike with our friend Ryan Curtis. He is attending school at BYU-Hawaii and offered to come bring us up to Laie for a couple days where I had rented a house on Laie Point.

Ryan showed up at the hotel around 6 and we drove to our hiking destination. The hike was in Kailua and it was BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't have asked a better way to start our vacation.

After the hike we went down to the beach for a while and then went and got Acai bowls for breakfast and drove up to Laie which is about an hour north of Honolulu. 

Ryan (seriously the best tour guide around) took us straight to pipeline to see the waves. We sat there for about an hour just admiring paradise.


After the beach we got some infamous shave ice at Matsumoto's. Caleb was asleep so he didn't get any. He learned how to sleep in his carseat REALLY well on this trip...


The next morning we went to a nearby beach to go surfing! Unfortunately the waves were too small to actually catch, but Brad and Ryan had a good time hanging out in the water for a couple hours. Caleb and I just hung out on the beach:)


After surfing we went back to the house, showered, and walked to the Polynesian Cultural Center for the evening. We spent a couple hours walking around and visiting all the different villages working up an appetite for the Luau that night. 

The Luau was FANTASTIC. Complete with leis, fire dancing, and too much food. So. Much. Food. After dinner we watched the new show called "HA-The Breath of Life". I loved every second. 


The next day we slept in (very much needed) stopped by the temple for some pictures and then headed back up to the North Shore to watch a surfing competition on Pipeline. I couldn't get over how cool it was that we were watching people surf one of the hardest waves in the world. Mind-blowing. 


More pictures of Caleb on the beach. I am still not over the cuteness. 

On our way back to Laie we stopped by Turtle Bay where some friends of ours from back home were staying. We had run into them earlier in the week and they told us we could come crash their we did:). Not only did they let us swim, they made us a delicious dinner and entertained us with a game of charades. THANK YOU GREENANS!

Sunday was our last day in Laie so we packed up our stuff, went to church, and then Ryan drove us back down Honolulu. We did stop at a cool place to take pictures. That island in the distance is called "Chinaman's Hat"

Thank you Ryan for being the best tour guide! It would not have been nearly as good of a trip without you!

It was Superbowl Sunday so once we picked up our rental car and checked back into the hotel we relaxed, watched the game, got some food, and crashed for the night. 

On Monday we woke up and headed to Hanauma Bay which is known for the best snorkeling on the island. It was just the three of us so we rented one set of snorkeling equipment and took turns watching Caleb and going out. I lasted about 15 minutes all by myself before I decided to come in and let Brad go out...being alone surrounded by fish is the perfect equation for a major freak out by yours truly. Brad loved it though!

Our daily sunscreen lathering. Caleb never burned. Mom points for me. 

Tuesday (our last full day on the island) the forecast was rainy so we decided to go see Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately the actual monument was closed due to high winds, but we did get to check out the museum and all the monuments along the shore. 


After Pearl Harbor we went back to the hotel to pack, take naps, and laid by the pool. That night we walked through Waikiki one last time for dinner and talked about how sad we were to leave. Hawaii was a dream! 

The next morning we flew to Oakland and spent a couple days with our family before heading back home. It's always hard to come back from vacation, but we are so grateful we were able to go. Now it's time to start planning our next destination!


  1. Seriously Caleb is a dream! I can't believe you fit that all in with a baby!! Sooo fun!!