Thursday, December 11, 2014

Officially Official

Our deposit is in so I can now officially say it....Brad will start dental school at the University of Pacific in July! 

December First was an exciting day for our family. Starting at about 10 am I got a call from Brad about every hour telling me he got into another school. I knew he was a great candidate, but I had no idea he would get into every school he interviewed at except one (we didn't want to go to UNLV anyways...). Here's the list of schools we had to choose from:

Loma Linda
Western Health Sciences

Brad refused say that we would go to UoP until he did some research and made sure it was the best decision for our family (even though my mom said we were out of the Will if we didn't move back). Turns out there's pretty much only positives about going to school there...

We've dreamt about UoP and Brad has worked SO hard in order to get in...I am very proud of him!!


  1. woohoooo! i hope we get to go with you!!!!!!

  2. Fun! Where are you going to live?! We are moving to San Francisco in August!!!