Monday, November 3, 2014

October Recap

The month of October was a crazy one for us and there were a lot of events that I want to document. 

At the beginning of the month Brad and I were able to attend the temple for the first time since Caleb was born. We had been anticipating this trip for a long time and were grateful for the evening spent there. It's amazing how much I missed it and how necessary it is for my spiritual well-being to attend the temple. Thank you to the Fields for watching Caleb for us! 

Brad had a lot of interviews in September and only had one this month. He flew out to Las Vegas for a short weekend and interviewed at UNLV. He liked the school but wasn't impressed in the pride they take in the difficultly of the program. We could both see ourselves living in Las Vegas for a couple years, but the dental school is not on the top of his list...

That same weekend Annie came to visit for a weekend while my parents were at a reunion with my Dad's siblings. The Remington's were also in town so it was a crazy weekend. One day was spent at a nearby pumpkin patch and corn maze...a necessary activity in the month of October. Caleb loved the corn maze and did so well just hanging out in the Bjorn. 



The next day I attended a certification to teach PiYo. I have actually never taken a real PiYo class, but my boss wants to add it at UVU so she asked if I wanted to get certified. I was all for it (especially since they paid for it) and I actually really like the format. It's basically a higher paced Yoga and Pilates mixed. I do a lot of high intensity workouts so it's nice to take a break and work on flexibility and core strength. Since the certification I have been working on memorizing the format and working on my technique and I think I am getting better. We are hoping to add the class in the next month and I am really excited!

On Sunday (it was a busy weekend) we blessed baby Grant in church. He is such a cute little guy and I just love living close to some of my nephews. (Amber, you are too far away!) 

And of course, we wanted a family picture too...

Fast forward a week and I ran my first half marathon since pregnancy! I actually ended up pacing the race at the 3 hour mark which I was somewhat dreading but it turned out great. I haven't had much time to train so a really slow pace was just what I needed, but I am definitely excited to race an actual 13 miles in March to see what I can do. I had an awesome pacing partner and we enjoyed all 13 miles...that's my kind of race! 

The weather was SO perfect the whole month so we tried to soak in as much sun and warmth as possible before we hibernate for winter. One Sunday we even went up the canyon to see the beautiful leaves...I am pretty sure Utah peaks during fall season. It's gorgeous here! 


Near the end of the month I got in full Halloween mode. For FHE before Halloween we went to the Remington't to carve pumpkins. 

I was in charge of dessert so I made candy apples. Even I was impressed by how yummy they tasted...

 I'm pretty sure he wore this nighty every night for 2 weeks straight. I'm obsessed. 

Our ward Halloween party was on Thursday and after begging Brad to dress up we agreed on being a family of monsters. I had seen a Frankenstein costume for Caleb earlier in the month and almost died so we went with it. Brad told me he will NEVER dress up for another halloween again, but I am gonna keep trying ;) 

The party was really fun. We love our ward and have been blessed with such a great group of face always hurts after hanging out with them from laughing so much!


Caleb loved the donut eating contest...

There was supposed to be a "creepiest dessert" contest so being the competitive person I am I had to win. They ended up not doing a contest, (I was so bugged) but I would have won. No question. 


Oh, and I also made Halloween puppy chow for our visiting and home teaching families. Lots of baking. Lots of sweets. Lots of pounds added to my body.

On Halloween we woke up and went to story time at the Provo Library. They did special Halloween songs and all the little kids dressed up. We've been going every Friday for the past little while and Caleb is hilarious to watch. It only lasts 30 minutes, but it's the best 30 minutes of the week.

That afternoon I got dressed up and went with Kara, Braden and the babies downtown Provo for a trick or treating event. Every business was giving out candy and it was crazy! 

One business even took pictures of you and your kids and gave you a printed picture. 

Once Brad got home from work we met up with the Remington's and the Knights to go trick-or-treating at the houses by the temple. Halloween is way more fun with little kids. 


Caleb even got into it and was grabbing candy out of bowls. Got to start em young!

Once the kids got tired and went home, Brad and I were starving so we got Mexican food. Who needs candy when you can eat burritos?

We then got a red box and relaxed the rest of the night. October was a great month!!

I think we wore the little guy out...


  1. The best month of the year!! It always amazes me how busy you guys are. I LOVE the costumes and have decided that when you move to CA you will live near me so I can come to all your classes :)

  2. Your Halloween costumes were on point. Tell Brad he doesn't really have a choice. You bear his children, he wears your costumes. I want to meet growing up Caleb. He seems so fun even just in pictures and I love him.