Friday, November 14, 2014

6 Months

How is it possible that Caleb is already six months?! I can't believe he has already grown so much in this short time and I am excited to see all the developments he will make in the next couple of months.

We got 6 month pictures taken and I am slightly obsessed with how they turned out. How about that chair? So perfect.

I don't know what happened two weeks ago, but all of the sudden my soft, calm baby boy turned into a crazy, energetic little boy. I always knew I would have active children but I didn't know it would start this early! It has become a workout just to hold him because he is constantly jumping and throwing his weight around...ahhhh!!!!


Our struggle this past month has been getting him to gain weight. For some reason he just hasn't ever been interested in food. Instead of nursing he wants to play and do other things. He tends to like the bottle a lot more because he can be upright and grabbing at things. We have had a couple extra doctors appointments to check up on his weight and at our last one the pediatrician decided that we have to get serious about his weight. So after trying to nurse and bottle feed I am giving him cereal 2-3 times per day and adding 1 tsp of olive oil. He LOVES eating cereal and any type of baby food that I give him so hopefully it will help!

He is still working on sitting up by himself. I know that he is capable of it but he gets excited by things around him so he reaches for them and then falls over. He has also started rolling from his back to his stomach which makes my immobile baby more mobile than I would like :/. He's pretty proud of himself though when there is something out of his reach and now he can get it...I love seeing him grow into a little person!

Braden teaching Caleb that "love hurts".

At around four months I decided to sleep train pretty strongly both during the day and at night. We had about a week where he would fuss for about 10 minutes before going down for a nap, but now he is perfect. I swaddle and lay him down and he goes to sleep all on his own! Sometimes he will talk to himself for a couple minutes but he always puts himself to sleep. During the night he usually wakes up once around 2 or 3, eats really well and then goes back to sleep til about 7. I have thought about trying to drop the middle of the night feeding but that is the only time I can ever get him to nurse really well so I am keeping it. I have to cherish those 20 minutes!

He is always so worn out after playing with Dad!

These past 6 months have been a whirlwind trying to figure out all the different stresses that comes with being a new mom but I absolutely love it. I find so much meaning and joy just waking up everyday to my little guy! The other day I asked Brad, "how is it possible that just having a child can bring you this much happiness?" I don't know how he does it, but Caleb has my heart wrapped around his little finger.

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