Thursday, October 9, 2014


Last week was spent with the Coons family in Southern California for a magical week at Disneyland. I have never really spent a lot of time at Dland and of course Caleb has never been so we were really excited!

Our flight there was a little crazy when a huge storm hit Phoenix (where we were originally supposed to layover) so we got diverted to Tuscon for 4 hours. Luckily Caleb did great with all the flights and waiting. After 12 hours we finally made it to sunny Orange County!


Less than amused at all our delays 
The cousins were excited to see Caleb:)
We arrived Saturday night and just relaxed and went to church on Sunday. Sadly, Brad had to fly back to Phoenix on Sunday night for a dental school interview Monday but he says it went really well!

Monday morning we all got up and headed over to Dland and rode a ton of rides. Luckily Trevor knew about an app that shows how long the wait times were for each ride so we didn't wait longer than 15 minutes for anything. It was a long day, but so fun! 


On Tuesday we had special tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party so we couldn't enter the park until 3pm. It turned out to be really nice because we just hung out at the hotel and relaxed in the morning. Dland is hard work! 

The party was a blast. Everyone was wearing crazy costumes and they handed out free candy all night throughout the park. Chocolate candy to be exact. I was in sweet tooth heaven. They also decorated the park in everything halloween. So fun!


I forgot to grab Caleb's halloween costume so Emily let me borrow Preston's pirate costume and oh my heaven I died of the cuteness. I couldn't stop looking at him and laughing. 

After Tuesday night we were all pretty exhausted so we took our time waking up the next morning and getting to the park. We spent all of Wednesday in California Adventure.

Greg and Teresa were so wonderful to watch the babies while we rode the rides. We are so grateful for them! 


I love this shot of everyone walking to the next ride. We we're definitely a crowd to be reckoned with.

That night we stayed in the park and watched World of Color. One word. Magical.

Our last day was Thursday so we had to make the most of it. I think we were all to the point of exhaustion but keeping ourselves going with Diet Coke and Disneyland adrenaline.



Our last ride was Splash Mountain, ie the perfect way to end the week.

We were all so sad when the park closed...we didn't want it to end! 

But the vacation didn't end there! We still had one more day so we all decided to go to the beach. The weather was beautiful and I loved showing Caleb the ocean for the first time. Being a mom is so much happiness.



On Saturday Brad had a dental school interview in Pomona so he got up early to drive out there while I stayed back at the Hotel and got everything ready to go. The interview went well except Brad got sick during the informational session and had to leave a little early.

Our flight home was uneventful (thankfully) except we rode in a really scary 15 row plane...

Oh and then we got to go to the American Airlines admirals lounge during our lay over and eat complimentary food and drinks.

And we also found an 8 dollar chocolate bar from England so we had to buy it. A good way to end a great trip if you ask me!

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  1. It took me until yesterday to get over the depression of not playing with my family all day!!!