Thursday, August 28, 2014

One Down

A little over a week ago we went on our first little vacation as a family. Brad had an interview at Loma Linda University in Southern California so we decided to make a trip of it. We left Saturday and drove to Palm Desert where Brad's grandparents have a vacation home. Luckily Caleb does really good in the car so it was a very pleasant drive. I had my popcorn, Brad has his ice cream, and we went through every possible interview question imaginable. 



When we arrived and opened the car door all I wanted to do was jump in the nearest pool. Turns out 115 degree heat is not the most conducive for a relaxing vacation BY the HAVE to be in it. Luckily the house was great and the air conditioning was even better. I thought I could maybe live in Arizona for dental school but I am strongly reconsidering it...



But we made the most of our stay in Palm Desert. We explored the town and ate A LOT of food cause that's pretty much all you can do in the summer. We asked a waitress what fun things there are to do in the area during the summer and she told us to go hang out at the hotels....ummm ok?

I felt a little better after parking next to this. Not. 

We did get a good workout in on Monday morning. After running for 15 minutes outside we decided to take advantage of the air con and do some burpees. Caleb is an awesome cheerleader. 


Our last night there we did end up going shopping to find a belt for Brad's interview. We also walked the streets once the sun had set and it was only 100 degrees. Can you tell I am a big fat wuss? It really is a beautiful place, just too hot for my liking. 

I even found some rocking sunglasses on our shopping spree.

On Tuesday morning we headed out to Loma Linda for Brad's interview. Caleb and I went on a run and checked out the area while he went to the school. He said the interview went really well but he wasn't too excited about the school in general. Nothing specific, just didn't feel the same way he has with other schools he has toured. 

After the interview we found a neighborhood pool to go swimming. It might have been a little sketchy how we got in, but it was necessary. I was sweaty and hot.

After the pool we went to a movie then drove to Barstow, CA i.e. the middle of nowhere, to stay in a hotel and then drove the rest of the way the next morning. It was a great trip! I love spending time with my 2 boys!

On the topic of interviews here are some updates:

Brad has been invited for six interviews as of now. 
Loma Linda (Loma Linda, CA) 
NOVA (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 
LECOM (Bradenton, FL) 
Midwestern (Glendale, AZ) 
UNLV (Las Vegas, NV) 
and as of Friday University of Pacific!!!!!!!!(San Francisco, CA)

*Brad says if there is anyone who knows anyone at any (lots of any's) of those school contact him. He wants to chat.*

I will be flying with Brad to both Florida interviews in September to check out the area. But we are so excited to hear back from UoP!! Their acceptance rate after an interview is very high so we are keeping our hopes up!! We feel very blessed and humbled at how well/smoothly this process is going and we know that Heavenly Father is leading the path. Now onto more interviews!!!!


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  1. Thanks for the update! Brad never called me back… :) Fun little trip. Hopefully you end up at UoP!