Sunday, August 24, 2014

Don't Give Us Crap, Our Name Is Thrap!

I know it was almost a month ago, but at the end of July we drove to Colorado for the Thrap (mom's side) family reunion. These reunions are never short of laughter, love, adventures, card games, and food. Some of the best family vacations I have ever been on are with this side of the family. 

Brad, Caleb, my cousin Steven, and I left on a Tuesday afternoon and drove to Denver to spend the night in a hotel near the airport. We were waiting for my mom, dad, and Annie to fly in the next morning so that we could help them get the food.  We easily filled up THREE carts at Costco, shoved the food in our car and drove to camp Wednesday afternoon.

We stayed at the  Estes Park YMCA in the Rockies and boy was it beautiful. We all lodged in the same cabin that fit 50+ people near the outskirts of the camp. 

Wednesday afternoon was spent getting settled in, eating dinner, and then a CPR class put on by my cousin Jessica. 2 members of our family have been saved by CPR in the past year so obviously it's necessary we know how to do it. Get certified! CPR saves lives!

Thursday  morning we all got up and went and did the fun activities at the Ranch including roller skating, rock climbing, archery, swimming, and zip lining. 


Zip lining was quite the experience....We had to climb up a tiny telephone pole, stand on a 3 foot wide platform, then jump off. It was crazy, but so so fun.  

That night we all presented our family flags. It's a tradition that every family makes their own and we display them the whole reunion. It was my first reunion with my own family and I am very impressed with our flag turned out! 

The next morning we got up early and a group of us went white water rafting. I left Caleb for the first time with my Dad who volunteered to stay home so that I could go. Thanks Dad! It was a little traumatic for me leaving him, but he did great! 

What may have been more traumatic though was the actual raft trip. Half the time I thought I was gonna die and then other half I couldn't think because we were paddling so hard. We went through 7 class 4 rapids and a ton of class 3. It was CRAZY...At the beginning they basically pre-warned us by telling all the things that could go wrong. And I thought he was exaggerating....

The Longhurst's all went in the same raft. Annie and I fell out at one point during a rapid and thanks to Brad and Jacob we didn't drown. But after that experience I almost swam to shore and hitch hiked home. I've become a little bit less of an adrenaline junky after having a baby...

Later that day we all went tubing, but due to lightning we had to come back later in the week. Don't ask me when we slept or rested during the reunion...

That night was skit night. I might have the funniest family on the face of the earth.

One word. EW.

The Longhurst's did synchronized swimming but the video was too large to upload so you'll just have to imagine it.

On Saturday most of the group went up to check out Rocky Mountain National Park, but Brad and I decided to stay home and do a small hike to a waterfall near our camp with my cousin's family. The wildflowers were beautiful and the hike was gorgeous.

That afternoon when everyone was back we celebrated my G-ma's 80th birthday. She's the craziest, spunkiest, most dessert loving 80 year old I know. We love you Grandma!


After dinner were family pictures. Half of the family couldn't make it this year so it's sad to see all the people missing but I love everyone of these people. #familiesareforever

We are so grateful for family and cannot wait until the next Thrap reunion in 2017. Counting down the days!!! 

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