Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'll Miss This

Caleb is almost out of the newborn stage and I am mourning. My little happy guy is becoming more and more alert, social, and talkative. I just die at how much he grows each day, but it is so fun to see all the new things he is learning. 

*I also realized I never posted any of his newborn pictures! Revell Photography did them for us and they turned out so beautiful! If you live in Utah check her out...she's amazing:)*

Things I will miss about the newborn phase:
-his high pitched squeals
-his adorable little coughs where he sticks his tongue out
-his tiny little body
-him sleeping ALL the time
-his tiny little hands and feet
-his playful coughs
-the way he sticks his legs straight in the air when he is swaddled
-his almost bald head 

Things he is learning:
-His neck is getting stronger and stronger...BUMBO here we come!
-He smiles ALL the time now.
-I try to get him to do more tummy time, but he hates it! We're working on it...
-He is getting a lot more vocal, especially when he gets tired. I think he gets slightly "slap happy".
-He loves to sit under his toys and squeal at them and try to hit them with his hands.
-To sleep through the night! He does one stint of 5-6 hours, but we're working towards 8. That would make for one happy momma.

We are a happy family of 3!

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  1. Ahhhhhhh ! He is growing so fast. At least you have the pictures to remember.