Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Birthday Weekend

We had quite the birthday adventures this year. I mean, turning 25 is kind of a big deal! 

The party began on Thursday while we celebrated Pioneer Day. Utahans don't take this holiday lightly so we joined suit. In the afternoon we headed up to Oakley to visit my friend Tressa and her husband. They took us to a nearby lake to fish and soak in some sun. Other than Brad getting a VERY expensive ticket for fishing without a license, we had a good time. 

After the lake we went to the town parade. I was super impressed by the quality of candy thrown out. I may be 24, married, and have a child, but I'll never be too old for parade candy. 

After the parade we went back to the Steven's house and BBQ the best burgers in the world. We ate to our hearts content then went to the Bull Wars at the town stadium. I was a little paranoid about Caleb's little ears but I covered them and he slept the whole time:). 

Brad had to work on Friday so Caleb and I brought a balloon and cookies for his coworkers.  Brad also did an impression on Caleb's little hand so we will have it forever. I'm in love!!


After work we had our last intramural softball game with the ward. We had such a great team and we had a lot of fun together. 

Saturday (Brad's actual birthday), we slept in then went on a run in the morning. 

In the afternoon Brad went with Don to the shooting range up the canyon. Brad has recently become obsessed with guns and wants to buy one. I think we've been living in Utah too long and thought that the obsession would die out, but it's only gotten worse. Heaven help me. 

After shooting Brad met me at a spa for a couples massage. Happiness. Afterwards we met up with Don and Maclaine at Tucanos for dinner. Yum. 

We were too full after Tucanos to eat cake so we had friends over Sunday night to eat my bomb mint brownie ice cream cake I made. 

It was a great birthday! Caleb and I love our Bradley!

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  1. I never saw this post! Awesome birthday weekend for Brad. My favorite is that impression of Caleb's hand. So special. I love it!