Saturday, July 26, 2014

25 Memories For 25 Years

Today is Brad's 25th birthday! The other day at lunch he made me tell him 25 memories we've had together so I decided to write them down. Even though I've only known him for 10 years, it was hard to only choose 25!

#1 Remember my first Sunday in the ward and how we became friends instantaneously?
#2 Remember when we shot the tops off of the water bottles in Sunday School? our poor teacher...

#3 Remember when I called you at EFY because I didn't like any of the boys in my group?
#4 Remember when we watched The Ring together just so I could get scared and snuggle up to you?

#5 Remember when we went to Fright Fest with Ashley and did that crazy bungee jumping ride?
#6 Remember when we went hostess dumpster diving and chased those kids at Alamo School?
#7 Remember when I broke up with ***** and went to your house after to hang out? It's obvious who I really wanted to be with.

#8 Remember when you took me on my first date when I turned 16. We went to that boring 9-11 movie and made mashed potatoes?
#9 Remember when we went "Witch Hunting" with Nena and Ryan and almost got arrested
#10 Remember when we would go to Monterey? 
#11 Remember when we would ditch class senior year to go to the gym together? 
#12 Remember when we would sit up talking about life in each other's cars til the early morning? I never wanted to leave. 
#13 Remember when we went to senior ball together and danced the night away?

#14 Remember when you found out you got into BYU and called me in tears? 
#15 Remember when we tried to see who could fit the most gum in their mouth for the longest and the loser had to wear depends?

#16 Remember when you got your gum surgery and were on tons of drugs?

#17 Remember when I got written up Freshman Year because you were in my room? Notty Notty. 
#18 Remember our first kiss in the Heritage Halls Parking lot?
#19 Remember when Tres and I made that book for you on your mission while we were in NZ?
#20 Remember when I got my mission call the SAME day you got home from your mission and how we talked on the phone for hours? It felt like you never left. 
#21 Remember when you thought you could run 20 miles with me and almost died?
#22 Remember our first date after the mission when we went to the Nickelcade and Malt Shop? Everything changed that night. 
#23 Remember our 3 weeks of dating in Provo and all of the craziness that happened?
#24 Remember we were sealed for eternity on August 20, 2011? Pure happiness. 

#25 Remember when we brought our first child into the world almost 3 months ago? Words can't describe...

It's been one heck of a journey and I can't wait for what lies ahead. I love waking up to you every morning and am so grateful I get to be with you for forever. Thank you for being my best friend, husband, father, and eternal companion. Bring on year's gonna be a good one. Happy Birthday Brad. I love you! 


  1. This is the best post ever. I actually laughed aloud at the witch hunting one.

  2. I've been waiting all day for the birthday post! This best my expectations! I cried... I l

  3. This"beat" my expectations...�� I love you two!��