Monday, June 16, 2014


I thought that when I had a baby I would have so much time to blog, craft, bake, and do other things that moms seem to do but it turns out I don't. Life is crazy! I feel like it hits 6pm before I even blink. (maybe it's because I don't get out of bed tip 10?). Here's what we've been up to lately:

-Brad finally applied to Dental school!!!! Talk about a load off our shoulders....mainly his. He sent in his applications last week so now it is just waiting to hear back for interviews. We applied to quite a few schools, mainly on the west coast, so we'll see. I was sick at how much the FIRST applications cost but I probably should get used to it, it's all down hill from here. He won't tell you this, but his stats are pretty good so I am confident schools will be interested in him...I mean, who wouldn't want him?

-Brad was also offered a full time position at the dental office he works at. He's been working as a part time dental assistant for the last year and a full time spot just opened up so the dentist offered the position to Brad. He has about 12 credits left before graduation so he will be taking 2 classes a semester during lunch/after work so he can still finish. It definitely wasn't our original plan, but we feel so blessed to have been offered the job so we're going with it!

-We celebrated Father's Day yesterday with Don and Maclaine and another couple from our ward. They came over for dinner and we BBQ'd steaks and watched the Heat get massacred ( :( ) in the NBA finals. Caleb and I are so lucky to have Brad as a Father/husband. He has taken on the responsibility of fatherhood and blown me away. We love him!

-I was offered a fitness instructor position at UVU in their brand spanken' new fitness facility. I actually got the job when I was pregnant, but my boss was willing to work around my schedule i.e. giving birth, so I just recently started. For the summer schedule I am teaching Zumba Mon-Thurs nights but in the fall when they add more classes I am hoping to add a cycle and a toning class. It works perfectly because Brad get some quality father son time while I'm away:)

-Caleb turned one month this past week! I can't even believe my little tiny baby is changing everyday. People still comment on how little he is, but I think he is getting so big! He has been such a blessing to have in our home. Brad and I comment daily on how sweet and calm he is...he definitely didn't get that from me! It's amazing how much I love him more and more everyday. I am totally smitten.


  1. Umm....can I transfer to UVU for my last semester of college just to take your fitness classes? Awesome! and GOOOO BRAD!!

  2. I didn't know you got that job! How fun!! Is that why we were talking about zumba on Sunday!? Haha! I want to come! :)

  3. I love that pic of Caleb and Brad. I love all the pics! Caleb is growing so fast! I can't wait until you come visit!

  4. Pretty commendable right there! At least you can always be within the orbit of expert dentistry. You should secure personal victories in those kinds of situations as much as possible. Wishing you and your family all the best!

    Jason Dew @ Metro Dental Associates

  5. He is so adorable and you look fabulous!