Tuesday, April 29, 2014

39 Weeks!

In case anyone is wondering, yes I am still pregnant:). Sunday is my due date and hopefully buddy boy will make his appearance either before or soon after. I really have loved being pregnant and am not uncomfortable at all...I just want to meet our baby and start our little family of three! 

Last week I was feeling sad that Brad and I never took maternity pictures so I had my cousin Megan play around with her camera with us. She did an amazing job! Here are some of our favs:

 This may be my last update before the end so I am changing some of the questions...because I can:)

Maternity Clothes?: Yes, and I am getting sick of my small wardrobe! I can't wait to go back to regular size t-shirts and pants.

Stretch Marks?: I count it as one of my MANY blessings that I have not received ONE stretch mark while pregnant. Who would have thought? My body loves stretch marks.

Total Weight Gain: Again, another MAJOR blessing. I have only gained 4 lb. I think my body was born to be pregnant?

Sleep: I still sleep GREAT at night. Although, I sometimes wake up around 6 and can't sleep anymore! I think my body is preparing me for little amount of sleep i'll get when he gets here.

Movement: He definitely moves a lot. When I was checked at my 38 week appointment my doctor told me he is at a station 0. Basically his head is fully engaged in my pelvis and ready to come out...I just need to go into labor! Supposedly he's dropped so low that I should feel like there's a large ball (his head) between my legs when I walk but I still walk/run very comfortably.

As far as my movement goes I would like to bear testimony at this point of the importance of exercise while pregnant. Exercise has always been important to me, but it has been THE BEST thing these past nine months. I received a lot of criticism and weird looks from others when I go for a run or go to a kick boxing class at the gym, but I know I am being safe and doing the best possible thing I can for my body and my baby. My body is so strong and I can still do everything I did before (with a  little less intensity) and I know it is because I have stayed active. I think everything that has made this pregnancy so easy can be turned back to my movement. I am so grateful I was physically fit before so that I could continue everything I was doing during pregnancy. Ok, I'll get off my soap box, but if you have any questions please ask...I'll probably give you an earful:)

Labor Signs: My body been really sporadic with contractions and labor pains. Some days I will have a TON of contractions and get my hopes up, only to go to sleep and wake up the next day to nothing. Boo.

Also, the past couple weeks I have been measuring small so at my last appt my Dr. sent me over to the hospital to do a check on amniotic fluids and a stress test on the baby. Everything came back great except my fluid levels were on the lower end of normal. She had me do another test yesterday and after CHUGGING lots of water before hand, my fluid went up in a more normal range. That was great news! We shouldn't have to do any other testing unless I go over my due date.

Best Moment this Week: Two great things this week: First, our little niece was born on Sunday night! Maclaine and Donny gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and we are so so happy. It has been so fun to go through pregnancy with Maclaine and I can't wait for our babies to grow up together!

Second, Kara and Taylor found out they are having ANOTHER boy! We will now have 11 nephews and 4 nieces. Good thing we love boys so much!

I'll leave you with a funny experience Brad and I had yesterday at the hospital. As we were checking in for our NST we suddenly heard this awful awful noise coming from the room behind us. It was a mother literally screaming bloody murder. Like the most inhuman scream I have ever heard. I would not be surprised if someone was stabbing her behind the door. Brad and I looked at each other and the nurses with the most worried faces. The nurses then started laughing and were like, oh ya, she's in labor. EXCUSE ME?! She had just gotten to the hospital and didn't have time to get an epidural before delivery and she was NOT taking it well. That's always a good thing to hear RIGHT before I give birth. It was pretty hilarious slash the most frightening thing I've ever experienced. But in reality, we know it will be a much better experience for us...bring it on!


  1. I love that you do these updates, what a good idea! It'll be so fun to be able to look back and see the progress. On another note, I would love the earful about exercise. How much exercise did you do every day? What were your specific goals?

    Kayla (or Jane...)

  2. I was basically sedentary before becoming pregnant and mostly sedentary during pregnancy and I'm paying for it now. My body is weak and getting your abs stretched like that really ends up hurting your back after birth. The ONE thing I will change with my next pregnancy is to get in good shape before and stay active throughout. Good for you!! I'm so excited for you and Brad!