Monday, April 7, 2014

36 Weeks!

Maternity clothes?: You betcha.
Stretch marks?: Nope! My linea nigra has started to show and I kinda love it. I point it out to Brad all the time. Haha

Total weight gain: 4 lbs. I did gain a pound the last couple weeks, but then I lost it 2 weeks ago. I swear I eat a lot! My midwife isn't worried about my little weight gain so neither am I.

Sleep: Oh baby I love my sleep. Sometimes I do have to get up once in a night to go to the bathroom, but never more than that...for now at least. I am so proud of myself when I wake up in the morning and didn't have to go to the bathroom that night. It is quite the accomplishment. Recently I haven't been able to sleep past 8am and it is making me so angry!

 Movement:  His most active times are right when I wake up in the morning and late at night. It's always really fun when I wake up before my alarm but can't go back to sleep because he is moving so much! He hasn't started kicking me in the ribs yet so I am one happy momma:)

Food cravings:  Unfortunately my appetite has been really weak nothing ever sounds really good.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I have been getting nausea in the mornings so I just have to make sure to eat something right when I wake up.
Miss Anything?:  Two words. Bladder control.
Best moment this week: General Conference! I can't wait until I get the Ensign so I can re read and study the talks. I am feeling very grateful for the gospel and our leaders. For those that don't know what GC is you can go here.
Belly Button in or out?: Out

Happy or moody most of the time: Before I got pregnant I thought I would be the most moody pregnant women because I am kind of an emotional person. But it has actually been the opposite! (Even Brad agrees ;)). I feel like my emotions are very much in control and I am happy!

Looking forward to: I have always loved the month of April. I've been looking forward to this month for forever and I am so excited that it is finally here! So many things happen that we get to celebrate: Easter, my birthday, finishing the semester, quitting work, etc. I feel like now that I have made it here the rest is easy.

And since I have been only talking about me recently here's an update on Brad:

Brad will finish school in about a week and then take finals. I am sure he ready for a little break before he starts spring and summer classes. Luckily this semester's course load hasn't been too bad but he is still very busy! He is currently working 20 hrs/week as a TA on campus for a Bio 100 class as well as 12 hrs/week as a dental assistant for an awesome dentist here in Provo. On top of all his work/school he is trying to get his applications all ready for dental school which he will apply to on June 1st. I think he studies dental schools more than school work....We are constantly talking about different places we would like to live for the next 4 years which makes everything feel a lot more real. He is planning on applying to about 15 schools, all of which we think he has a good shot at getting admitted. Here is a rough list of the schools he is thinking about:
-Midwestern- Glendale, AZ
-Loma Linda- Loma Linda, CA
-Western Health Science-Pomona, CA
-University of Pacific-SF, CA
-University of Colorado-Aurora, CO
-University of Florida-Gainesville, FL
-Creighton-Omaha, NE
-UNLV-Las Vegas, NV
-Oregon Health and Science-Portland,OR
-University of Utah-SLC, UT
-Virginia Commonwealth-Richmond, VI
I vote for a California school, but we will just have to see what happens:) I am trying to be as open minded as possible but we both REALLY want to go somewhere warm and sunny. We are excited about what is in store for us!




  1. Move to Florida!!! Tell your hubby to go to that school so you can be closer to me and I can finally see you again after like 5 years!!!!

  2. That would be a definite perk! I feel like it's been way more than 5 years though!! Are you living in Florida? Or near there?