Tuesday, March 25, 2014

There's a Grand Canyon In Utah?!

A couple weeks ago I got a call from Tressa saying that all she wanted for her birthday was to go camping. She asked if Brad and I were interested and of course I said yes. Tressa and I spent 4 months together in NZ, Australia, and Samoa and I know that anytime we do anything together we will have fun. She's the most adventurous person I've ever met. Sometimes even I reach my fun limit before she does. And that's a hard friend to find.
So on Friday Tres and her fiancĂ©, RyLee, met us down in Provo (they live in Oakley) to caravan together down to Southern Utah. I had no idea where we were headed because her and RyLee had planned everything. We drove for about 2 hours to Price and then we turned off onto a gravel road for about 1.5 hours. It was dark by this time and I seriously thought they were just trying to get us lost. There was literally NOTHING in site.
We finally found our campsite around 10 and set up camp completely by ourselves.  While we were setting up our tents Brad and I heard this funny noise in the tree about us. We pulled out our flashlights only to find two tiny little owls sitting in the tree. They were so cute!  

The next morning we slept in late and woke up inside the most beautiful red rock canyon completely surrounding us. T &R cooked breakfast while Brad and I took a nice little jog to explore the area. We got back to a yummy breakfast of pancakes and eggs and then planned our day. 

RyLee (outdoor extraordinaire) pulled out a huge map of the area and we decided to do a hike to find "Delicate Arch". The map estimated about 10 miles so we packed our lunches and headed out on our journey.

I am pretty sure the weather, landscape, and views could not have gotten any better. We stopped for lunch by a river and soaked in some sun. While we were sitting down all the sudden we heard a loud roaring noise that kept getting closer. All the sudden a small plane came over the horizon and flew right over us. We knew there was a back country landing site nearby, but we were not expecting to actually see a plane! Super cool. And we figured if I went into labor we would have a fast out!...Don't worry Teresa, baby is still inside me!
There wasn't  a trail to follow so we bush-wacked our way following a river and RyLee's orientation skills. We stopped every so often to look at the map and take in everything we were seeing. I wish pictures did it justice.

We weaved in and out of canyons, climbed avalanche boulders, and trekked through foot deep sand not really knowing exactly what we were looking for. All we knew is we wanted to find the arch!

After about 4 hours of searching we looked up and saw what looked the lamest looking rock leaning against a canyon wall. We actually had seen it an hour earlier but didn't actually believe that we had hiked so far to see something that lame! Come to find out later that it actually was the Arch we were looking for...
Even though the end result was sad, the hike itself had been amazing!
But it was getting late and we were worried about the sun setting so we took some pictures and headed back.


When we got back to camp we made dinner and then went straight to bed. I think we were asleep by 9:30. We were all exhausted!
The next morning we got up and packed camp. On our way out of the park we decided to stop by and see some of the sites in the canyon. 1000 years ago Indians inhabited the land so there are spots to see petroglyphs...so cool!

And even more years back dinosaurs roamed these parts as shown by the footprint below.

As we left the park we decided to go to the lookout point for the whole canyon. It pretty much looked like this but 5 times bigger. It is actually called "Little Grand Canyon"...I agree!

We got back late Sunday night and tried to catch up on as much sleep before Monday. It was such a fun weekend!

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