Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week of LOVE

With Valentine's Day, President's Day and Kara's Birthday all within the same week, we've been very busy!
The Saturday before Valentine's Day Brad surprised me with tickets to go see Cirque Ziva at BYU. It was a Chinese acrobatic group that travels throughout the world.  It reminded me of Cique Du Soleil, but with an Asian flair. We were captivated the whole time.

On Monday we celebrated Kara's birthday with cake and ice cream. I made a brownie and snickers ice cream cake and was pretty impressed with the outcome. It tasted just about as good as it looked!

We decided to celebrate Valentine's Day early because of our weekend plans so we went out Thursday night. I came home to chocolates, flowers, and a card and then we went out to eat at Tucanos. I usually am not a fan of red meat, but I think Brad's offspring is having an effect on me because that is all I wanted! I remembered that we didn't take any pictures until on the way to the car, so we only got one:(.
On Friday after work we headed up to Logan to spend the weekend with Becca and Quentin. Our rule is that if we drive through Salt Lake we HAVE to stop at Chipotle. Here's a picture of my two loves: Brad and Chipotle. That is happiness. 
We had a blast being with the Wrights for a couple days. I am still a little bitter at Quentin for making my best friend move away, but Logan isn't too far so I can't complain. Plus, it's a beautiful little town! B & Q showed us around Logan and Utah state, we went to a nearby hot springs, ate lots of yummy food, and laughed and talked until our hearts content. It was hard to say goodbye on Sunday, but I am so grateful for such good friends in our life! 


But the weekend wasn't over just quite yet! Instead of driving home, we made a detour and stopped in Park City for the night to be with our married couple friends from the ward. One of the couples family has a house up there so we all met up on Sunday for a quick getaway. That night we stayed up late playing games and enjoying the company.
Monday morning we woke and Brad and I and our friend Mandy went for a run. It was a little crazy with all the hills/ice, but I gotta get in the running while I can!

When we got back all of us hopped in the car to go play flag football at a nearby park. Unfortunately the ground was covered in hard ice/snow so it was a slower paced game than normal, but we had a blast! My face hurt after from laughing so hard...which is a pretty common occurrence when we're with them.


After the game we went back to the house and spent the afternoon watching a movie, napping, and cleaning up. We are lucky to have such good friends:)

I went to bed last night feeling happy and full of love after such a great weekend. Sometimes I just want time to stop and nothing to ever change, but then I remember how exciting our life is going to be in a couple months and I can't wait to meet our baby boy!





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