Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sushi Saturday

Since finding out I was pregnant I haven't eaten any sushi. Because of this I crave it an abnormal amount. So when Annie texted me earlier in the week asking if I wanted to make sushi I was all in.
 On Saturday we met up with the Bringhursts and went to the nearby Asian market to buy all the needed materials. I can literally throw a rock from our front to the market, but we have never been there, even after two years!
After the market we came back to our apartment and started the assembly. After watching YouTube videos we felt confident in our sushi skills. We all got a chance to make a couple rolls. You can eat as much as you want cause it's healthy, right? My favorite was the one chalk full of cream cheese, spicy mayo, avocado and fried shrimp. Yuummy.

We ate til we couldn't eat anymore, and then some. I was still full the next morning! And now that we have all the materials we will definitely be doing it again.
After eating we played our new favorite game, Chinatown and watched BYU beat St. Mary's. It was a good night:)

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