Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Birthday!

 28 things you may not have known about Kara on her 28th birthday:
1.She is the 2nd of 7 children
2. She has lived in Provo for almost 10 years...she's a Provo all-star

3. She can literally play any sport known to man. And beat you every time.

4. When she was little she had the cutest blonde curly hair. No, I wasn't alive, but I've seen pictures and she was adorable.
5. We actually didn't get along growing up (we're 4 years apart), but when she went to college and I matured a little we became the best of friends:)

6. She has the most adorable, happy little boy named Braden.

7. She hates tomatoes. Hates hates hates.
8. She is extremely organized in her dinner planning. Every time I go to her apartment she has the whole week of dinners up on the refrigerator. Puts me to shame.

9. She coaches both volleyball and basketball teams and does a fantastic job. They even won states one year. Those girls love her.
10. She was an All-America rugby player and trained with the All American team at the Olympic Training center. Told you she's legit.

11. She served a mission in Zurich, Switzerland. If you ask her about it you will know how much she loved it.
12. One Valentine's Day when I was sad and lonely she brought me over chocolate and flowers and told me she loved me. I will never forget that.
13. She has an uncanny ability to rhyme...especially in the form of a rap

14. Some people get us mixed up as twins.  

15. She was a pivotal reason I put my mission papers in.
16. She can literally watch football all day every day. Even her husband gets sick of it.
17. She hand picked her husband out of our singles ward. He had no chance.

18. When she was little she had a purple hat and pink jacket that she would wear everyday. Our mother let us be free spirits.

19. I don't think I've ever eaten a meal of hers I didn't like. She's a really good cook.
20. Her and Analise share the same middle name "Marie", apparently choosing seven different middle names was too much for my parents.

21. She was my "Kit-Kat" at girls camp my first year and it was one of my favorite years at GC.
22. She taught High School Biology before she had Braden.

23.  She was the reason I started playing rugby.
24. When she was in high school she was nominated as the sportsmanship athlete of the year award.
25. We live four doors down from each other and are continually asking for ingredients, rides, food, and household items. It's an open-door policy...sometimes too open:)

26.  When she was little she would read ALL THE TIME. She would actually go to the library during recess so she could read.
27. When we were little we would save all the candy we got in a box under our bed and every couple months would pull it out after bedtime and have "candy parties" and eat all of it at once.

28. Today she is turning 28!
Love you Kara!!!!!

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