Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm Settling Down

...with our kitchen appliances. Some woman compulsively buy clothes, jewelry, make-up etc. But me? I am a kitchen appliance sort of woman. Anytime I walk into a department store I go straight to the appliances and see what neat new gadgets have come out. I like to think that these different machines will make me into Betty Crocker or something. I have these dreams of waking up every morning and spending all day in the kitchen baking beautiful masterpieces....I'm delusional. The last time 3 times I have made dinner have been in a crockpot....

But times are changing! I made a New Years Resolution to cook more meals throughout the week. After going through what seems like 100 different appliances, I am ready to consolidate and keep only the good ones:

Made the cut:

OB-sessed. I use my Blendtec everyday. I bought it a week and half ago and have already made soup, salsa So yummy!, WHOLE fruit smoothies, ground wheat (I don't need a wheat grinder anymore!), and milkshakes in it. Why did I wait so long? It's heaven sent...and SO easy to clean!
Yay for a mixer I finally love! I think I have already used it more than my kitchenaid in the 2 years I had it.

My proof that it's the best? I have been trying to make my Mom's famous wheat bread since the day we got married. (If you haven't tried it, go to my house, it will ALWAYS be offered.) And every it has turned out disgusting. Like bad bad. But guess what? On Sunday, I FINALLY made some delicious, moist, fluffy wheat bread with my bosch! And I almost screamed from excitement. That just proves that it was always the appliances fault....
I bought a knock-off le-creuset for this recipe. I haven't used it yet, but I KNOW it's gonna be good.

Didn't make the cut: 

I loved my George Foreman for a long time, but it got old and took up too much space in my cupboards. We sent it to DI. Plus, I can do everything I need with it on my oven or stove. Sorry George
Who needs either of these when you have a Blendtec? 

The Kitchenaid was a BIG disappointment for me. I got it as my group gift from my wedding and was so excited! It's way cuter than a Bosch (which is why I originally thought I NEEDED one), but it stinks at mixing things! Functionality beats cuteness. I am not ok with a pile of flour and butter stuck to the bottom of the bowl after making cookie dough...grrr.

Who needs a dinky food processor when you have a Blendtec. I think my Blendtec could process my food processer....have you seen those videos?!

 You may remember our excitement about the juicer from here. But turns out it's a pain to clean and juice is yucky.


I feel very justified in my OCD because rarely do we every pay full price (Black Friday, birthday presents, Christmas, sales etc.) and I have become a KSL mad woman. I usually sell for close to what we bought!
So if you're in the market for a new kitchen appliance just ask me, I've probably owned it. To forewarn you I will try to sell you on a Blentec, no matter what you want. Happy shopping!

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