Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Break

Our Christmas break started with my cousin Jessica's wedding up in Salt Lake. It was a beautiful, snowy day. It was so fun to be with family and celebrate Jess and Matt!

We headed home the next day with one goal in mind. RELAX. Except for that didn't really happen...Since when are vacations more exhausting then real life? But that's kinda how I like it:).
We spent Christams Eve at the Coons for the Peirce family get together. Greg and Teresa made a HUGE roast and it was amazing, along with the cakes from Katrina Rozelle. Deeelicious.
 Christmas morning we headed over to my house bright and early to be with the little kids to open gifts. They were patient while they waited for their sleepy uncles to wake up. 

We did stockings and presents before heading back to the Coons.


Eggs benedict made by Greg is the Coons tradition on Christmas morning. It. Is. To. Die. For. 

In the afternoon all the family came over to give Teresa and Greg their presents. We got Teresa a Bosch and there aren't words to describe her excitement...


The day after Christmas we headed with my family to Monterey to take the kids to the aquarium. And then went to the beach. It was a perfect 75 degrees. 




A couple days later we went to the BYU vs UW bowl game. I love San Francisco. I love BYU. I love football. I love food. Happiness. Minus the fact that they lost. Sadness.

On New Years Eve we had a crab feast then worked it off with hours of Just Dance and puzzles. We did a mock celebration at 10:30 because Matt and Lyndsey needed to take the kiddies home to bed. I felt the same way, but I made it til midnight:)


The rest of break was spent trying to catch up and sleep and see all the family we could. Oh ya, and I grew a baby. 24/7. 6 months yesterday!!!

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