Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Acción De Gracias

For Thanksgiving my parents decided to take all of the children, their spouses, and my grandmas on a cruise to Mexico. (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!) No babies invited. Except for the ones in our stomach's of course. We boarded the ship on Sunday afternoon after a fun weekend in Tustin with Amber and her family. 

**side note** On Saturday T.J. took us into his hospital and gave us an ultrasound and we found out we're having a boy!!!!! (Thank you T.J.!) That makes the tally as 11 boys out of the 15 nieces and nephews on both sides. Ie little baby boy will have lots of boy cousins:)


Anyway, back to the cruise. Ready for tons of pictures? 

On Sunday we mainly explored the ship and all the wonderful things it had to offer. Mainly the food. 

Monday we spent the day on the ship just enjoying our time together. There were lots of fun activities and shows to go to. By personal favorite was the harry chest competition that Taylor participated in. He should have won. Check out that hairy chest.

That night was formal night so we all got dressed up for dinner.

The next morning we arrived in Cabo. My mom, Amber, my grandmas, and I went on a tour through Cabo while everyone else went snorkeling. It wasn't the greatest tour in the world, but we saw some beautiful sites in Cabo.



We had another day in Cabo on Wednesday so we spent the morning shopping then water taxied over over to Lover's Beach.


 On Thanksgiving we arrived in Puerto Vallarta and took an excursion to a private beach called Las Calletas. It was definitely the best time we had all week.

We had to take an hour boat ride over to the beach, but drinks were unlimited so we were happy. I think Brad drank 4 Pina Coladas. We even saw some whales on our way there!

When we got to Las Calletas they fed us an enormous mexican buffet and took us on a tour of the forest. We got to hold monkeys, parrots, and snakes.


 After our animal adventures we headed down to the beach where they had snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and tubing. It was awesome.



 After our fun adventure on the beach we stopped by Wal Mart to buy some Diet Cokes so that we could smuggle them onto the boat. $3 for a can of diet coke? That's blasphemy. You'll also see cookies and candies in the cart. It's vacation, right?

It was the perfect way to spend Thanksgiving and realize all we have to be grateful for. This year I thankful for a loving family (on both sides) that are so good to us. We truly are blessed. I am even more excited to be starting a family of our own. Hopefully our baby boy can live up to high expectations. 

It was sad not spending time with the Coons but we are excited for the time we'll have at Christmas with them:) 

Friday and Saturday we were on the boat again traveling back. We played card games for about half the time, went to shows/trivia games for the other half, and ate endless amounts of food while doing all of the above. 

My parents actually got on the Love and Marriage game show. I didn't bring my camera, but it was pretty entertaining and half scarring. They were good sports:)

We arrived back in Long Beach on Saturday and flew out that afternoon. It was sad to leave, but we are grateful for the wonderful week we had! Until next time Mexico...


  1. This looks sooo fun!! You should make it an annual tradition.

  2. That's funny that you stopped in Cabo b/c WE WERE THERE!!! What ship were you on? I think there was a Carnival ship and a Princess ship on Wed. Shane was running around downtown Cabo on Wednesday doing the Amazing Cabo Race and he went to Lovers Beach on Wednesday too. You probably passed right by each other. (I was chilling at the pool at our resort with the baby ;) Glad you had a fun trip!!!

  3. No way Alyssa!!! That's crazy! I wish we would have known so we could have met up!