Monday, December 16, 2013

20 Weeks!

Total weight gain: that normal? My food habits have definitely changed, but the pounds haven't. My body is getting smaller and smaller and my belly is getting bigger and bigger. This little guy is sucking me dry!

Maternity clothes?: Still haven't succumb. I only fit into about 3/4 of my clothes now though.

Stretch marks? Nope. Thank goodness

Sleep: Perfect. My body pillow has changed my life! Brad calls it my other boyfriend. 

Movement: Yes! Finally! Now I can't stop feeling him. In fact, when we were in our ultrasound this last week my doctor couldn't even get all the measurements because he wouldn't STOP moving. We're in for some trouble:)

Food cravings: Nope. Although I still never want to eat anything in my house. It never sounds good.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. I feel great!

Miss Anything?: Not working 50+ hours a week...It's been a stressful month!
Gender: BOY!
Best moment this week: Getting to see the baby at our ultrasound. There's actually a baby in there!

Symptoms: It feels like my belly is growing bigger and bigger each day. Running is getting harder and harder (NOOOO!!!). I definitely feel pressure on my bladder.
Belly Button in or out?: In

Looking forward to: Christmas! And 2 weeks off work. Yipeee!

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  1. This is a fun way to track your progress! I like.