Friday, September 20, 2013

2 Years

I realize it's been a month since our 2 year anniversary, but I want to document!

Brad was in charge of this years anniversary. I didn't plan anything and was a little worried we were gonna sit at home eating pizza and watching a movie, but he came through! I came home from work to a clean house and this lovely gift waiting on the table.

On the note he told me to get dressed up because we were going somewhere special. He took me to the Foundry Grill up at Sundance for the most delicious dinner I've ever had. He got a hamburger and I got the Salmon. Yumm


After dinner we walked around Sundance and reminisced on our happy life (8 year friendship together). We feel very blessed. Everything has worked out perfectly.

When we got home he even had one more present waiting for me! I totally thought he bought it for me so he could use it, but it's been entirely mine. Love it:)

We're happy, healthy, and excited for the coming years!

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