Sunday, August 25, 2013

Family Bond(age?)ing

Every 3 years the Longhurst family gets together for a reunion. It's been 3 years so last week it was time again.

The reunion was down in Southern Utah at Brian Head from Thurs-Sun. My family decided that since they were already coming for the reunion to come a couple days early to hang with us in Provo. Adam and Jarom couldn't come because of work and school:(. We missed you guys!


One thing I can say about my family is we know how to have fun. For example:

Everyone arrived Monday night so early Tuesday morning we headed up the canyon to go ATVing for the day. It was beautiful up in the Uinta Mountains and we had a blast.


We got home totally exhausted, but after a good nights rest we headed to Seven Peaks Waterpark for another fun day in the sun.

That night we met up with my cousin and got shaved ice. Believe me that we're fun yet?

On Thursday my family left us to drive down to the reunion but I had to work Thursday and Friday so Brad and I drove down Friday night. The drive was only 3 hours so we got there before dinner time.
Brian Head was beautiful.

I took a relaxing run Saturday morning around the area and enjoyed all the red rock scenery. After my run my uncle came over and asked if Brad and I wanted to go mountain biking. I had never been before but was excited to try it out. We rented bikes and went out for a couple hours. I was hesitant at first but I ended up loving it! It was definitely more technical than road biking but I am excited to go some more and get better at it.

 I left the group early so I could go meet up with my sisters and my mom at the nearby resort. It was pampering time:). I felt I deserved it after my long day of exhausting activities. My mom treated all of us girls to a lovely 50 minute massage and spa package. It was delightful. Who doesn't love spending time with their sisters in the most relaxing place?

Sunday morning everyone said goodbye and headed home. It's always sad to say goodbye to family, but Brad and I are going home next Wednesday(!!!!!) so it was more like 'see ya later.'
We're grateful to have such a good extended family who loves and cares about us so much.

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