Monday, July 15, 2013


On Monday, Annie and I decided to make a quick decision to drive down to Bryce Canyon and pace the half marathon on Saturday.

We left Friday evening, stopped along the way for dinner, then drove down to our campground.
Our road trips consist of DAT flashcards... **plug** He takes the test on Aug 6th. Prayers are appreciated!!!

We got in just in time to pick up our packets and set up our tent before hitting the sack.

4:30 am comes very early when your air mattress deflates half-way through the night (time to invest in a new one??) but I was excited to run! Annie and I and the rest of the pacers caught a shuttle up to the start line and waited about an hour for it to start.

We paced 2:10, which is a little slow for us, but since the decision was last minute that's all they had open. The course was SPECTACULAR. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy, fun race in Utah.

The first 5 miles were pretty steep downhill but the rest of the race was really flat and enjoyable. Because of the downhill at the beginning Annie and I were 5 minutes ahead of pace at mile 8 so the last five miles we had to consciously slow down. Like 12 minute mile slow. I was tempted to start running backwards.
 After finishing and eating our hearts content of oranges and bagels, we headed back to the campground. It was Annie's birthday so her and Shaylor showered real quick and headed over to Monticello so she could spend the day with her family.

Meanwhile, our other friends Tressa and Kira had driven down with their BF's to come check out Bryce with us. We spent the day driving through the park, hiking, and enjoying the company. There are way too many cool things we need to see in Utah before we leave and this place was one of them...


After spending the afternoon in the park we made our way back to Provo. But before making it home we stopped by some hot springs.

And shot some guns

Sunday morning came way too early for us, but it was totally worth it:)

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