Monday, July 29, 2013


Brad turned 24 on Friday! And since we didn't do anything too special, (it was a day of massages, Chinese food, and cake) I figured I'd dedicate a blog post to him. Here's 24 things you may not know about Brad:
1. He is the 5th of 7 children
2. He loves Mexican food. 
3. He doesn't love being the center of attention.
4. He was born and raised in the same house in Alamo, CA
5. On his mission he literally camped in the Outback of Australia. Sleeping bag under the stars status.
6. His Australian accent is actually really good but he refuses to do it in front of people.
7. The only music he ever has on in his car is MO-Tab or EFY CD's...don't judge
8. He can get along with any and all types of people.
9. He loves mint ice cream with Reese's mixed in. *bleh*
10. He is a cleaning freak. I think he vacuums more than I do...
11. He's obsessed with teeth.
12. He also loves working with tools...hence the dentistry route
12. His cooking skills consist of breakfast burritos, pancakes, protein shakes, and quesadillas.
13. He's a softy at heart.
14. He can smell ANYTHING. Pregnant woman have nothing on him.
15. He faithfully fulfills all of his callings at church.
16. He loves the human body. In an almost creepy 'dead body lover' kind of way...being around that formaldehyde in anatomy/dissection class is getting to his brain.
17. He loves road biking.
18. He currently has 2 jobs and will be starting a 3rd in the fall. (Apt complex manager, anatomy TA, biology he's a program director for scouting on BYU campus. Super-man?)
19. He loves dogs. Like loves loves loves. Sometimes I wonder if he would love me more if I were a dog.
20. He is actually very picky about his clothes.
21. He would rather wear jeans over sweats. Weird.
22. His doppelganger is Ryan Lochte. Don't worry, he's got more brains.
23. He studies more than anyone I know.
24. In the 8 years I've known him I've seen him cry twice.

I'd say he's a pretty amazing guy:). Happy 24th Brad!

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