Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunshine, Weddings, and Happiness

I have known Annie Anderson (now Bringhurst) since our freshman year at BYU. She lived above Becca and I in the dorms. The first time Becca and I met her we knew we wanted her to be our friend. It didn't take long for us all to realize that we had found our click. All three of us lived together while at BYU until we each got married. Annie is the last of us three to get married so her wedding was extra special because we could all be in the temple with her! Our little threesome has turned into six and I couldn't be happier:)
The wedding was in Annie's small hometown in Monticello, Utah. It's about a 4 hour drive from Provo and about 40 minutes out of Moab. We all arrived on Friday, the day before the wedding, and it felt soooo good to all be reunited.

On Saturday we all got up early (Bride's can't sleep past 5) and so Annie and I did what we do best. We went for a run. She was so calm and relaxed and we all just know Shaylor is the best for her. The wedding day went so smooth and was absolutely beautiful. 





I didn't get ANY pictures of the reception (grrr) but it was fabulous. We had to leave right after the reception to get back for Brad's meetings on Sunday but we decided to stop at Wilson Arch on our way home. You can't go down to Southern Utah without an arch picture, right?


We love you Annie and Shaylor!!!!


  1. holy fabulous shoes! where did you get those?

    also my code word to post is apostles. how did they know?

  2. Our shoes do look extra neon in these pictures. It's a good thing. Yay for Annie and Shaylor! I love weddings. Everyone needs one, maybe two.