Friday, April 19, 2013

Mish Mash

Time for some updates! 10 pictures for 10 exciting things in our life.
1. Dad and Annie came to town! I had to documnent my Dad wearing Brad's Aussie hat while we picked up trash around the apartment complex (did I mention we're the new managers?!?)


 2. I finally used my sewing machine! I made a dress...more pictures to come.

3. We like going to fun wedding receptions with co-workers and significant others. I'm pretty sure I work with the coolest people. Ever.

4. I started taking a Cycle class! I tried to get a picture of the sweat drenched floor beneath me. Proof that Cycle kicks my trash. I love it:)
5.  Candy Crush. The game no one should start playing. Anybody who recognizes this screen shot is probably just as obsessed as Brad and I.

6. I have soaked in the 3 days we have had above freezing temperatures to go running. The marathon is less than 2 months away! *side plug for all the Boston Marathon victims. Praying for you.

7. White chocolate brownies. I couldn't wait to try it before taking a picture...It looks better than it tasted.

 8. New shoes!!! Did I mention my Birthday is on Sunday?? Oh ya, it is.

9&10. This deserves TWO pictures because Brad and I are Intramural Champions once again! If you want the bloody story of the massacre we'll tell it to you. And maybe throw in the fact that the other team quit during THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME....because the Refs made a bad call. Oh, and they hated us. Who does that???? Oh well, we'll take the 'W' and the highly coveted T-shirt.

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