Monday, January 7, 2013

December Recap

It's probably time for me to post what we did during the Holidays...

We finished off the Fall semester here in Provo by going to Temple Square to see the lights, going to my work party at Tucanos, and making gingerbread houses.

After finals we rushed home for Anna's (Brad's older sister) wedding. It was cold day in Oakland, but the pictures turned out beautifully. I am happy to welcome Brett into the family because now it means I am not the newest member!

The rest of the break was spent with our families resting, playing games, singing karaoke, eating delicious food, and of course celebrating Christmas! I was horrible at taking pictures, (good thing Brad bought me a photography class for my Christmas present) so I stole all these pictures from Amber. Ie the Coons side is very underrepresented, I promise we didn't spend all our time with my family, that's just all the pictures I have :/.

I was so happy Amber got to come up for a couple days so we could see her and her kiddos for a little bit.

All the Longhurst grandchildren. I can't get over how cute Max is in this picture.
E-man giving Jacob a subtle hint.

Acting out the Nativity. They were the wisemen.

All the Siblings together on Christmas Eve

For Brad's Christmas present I surprised him with a trip to Mexico in April! I have never been able to actually surprise him and I finally pulled it off! We are using his parents time share in Acapulco in between Winter and Spring semester and we are so excited:). Brad was a little stressed that I had planned the whole thing and already bought the plane tickets (control issues?) but after a couple hours of stewing it over he was as excited as I am. 

We're now back at school and work. Bring it on 2013!

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