Saturday, December 1, 2012

What The?? OH And My Best Friend Got Married!!!

Blogger decided to hate me this week and give me the dreaded message that I have posted too many photos and I cannot post anymore pictures unless I pay them money. What the heck? After being very sad and contemplating quiting all together I found a way to post via photobucket. (Other ideas are greatly appreciated...other than the awful idea of spending money. egggh.) But we're back!

Last week Brad and I took the drive up to Washinton Tri Cities area to be with my bestest friend in the whole wide world aka Rebecca Marie Adamson/Wright.

[Becca and I joke about knowing each other while in the womb because our parents were best friends in college. We grew up driving across Washington to visit each others families (we lived 3.5 hours apart) and making some pretty awesome memories. I remember when we were moving to California that I was more sad about  moving away from the Adamsons than anything else. Luckily, Becca and I stayed best friends and decided to room together while at BYU. Best decision I have ever made. Worst decision for BYU and our fellow roomates. We definitely left our mark in Heritage and then went on to create havoc at the Regency where we lived for 2 years. I couldn't ask for a more loving, crazy, happy, and loyal best friend. She married her high school sweet heart (almost the EXACT same story as Brad and I...told you were best friends) last Friday and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.]

Anyway, the week was jam packed with all sorts of fun things. Here's some of the pictures to document.

Thanksgiving morning Brad, my mom, Annie and I ran in a Turkey Trot. It was Annie's first 5k and she did great!


After the run we went over to the church and had a huge Thankgsiving meal.

Right after we stuffed ourselves with food we headed over to the chapel to decorate for the reception. 
--Switch gears to wedding mode--

Friday was a beautiful day. Becca and Quentin looked so happy and my heart was brimmed with joy watching them be sealed for all eternity. As Brad and I went through the line to hug Becca and Quentin, Quentin whispered to us, "best friends forever right?" True dat.

I didn't take very many pictures (that's what wedding photographers are for, right?) so here's some that I did.  


After all the wedding festivities had ended, I got to show Brad the farm and take him horse back riding for his first time ever!  


 We said goodbye and drove back to Provo on Sunday. It was a much needed week away and we had lots of fun. We definitely missed our family in California, but we'll be there soon! It's going to be a sprint to the end for Brad these next couple weeks so keep him in your prayers! How could you not with this cute face?


  1. Becca and Quentin came over last night and played games with us and some of our friends and we convinced them to come to our ward! It was awesome! Missed you two though!

  2. Just so you know, I'm stalking your blog right now, and this post is making me cry. Well, tears are present in my eyes. I love this, and us, and you. Bestest friend ever. And hello, let's all vacation at the farm some time. So many great things there.