Monday, November 12, 2012

Sugar Daddy

This past weekend my dad came to visit. He needed to have periodontist surgery and was able to get a killer deal in Utah compared to California. Plus, he got to come visit his two favorite daughters!
We thought my Dad would be loopy and in pain most of the weekend so we didn't plan any crazy activities, but you could barely tell he even had surgery!

This is Brad after the same surgery 5 years ago...

And this was my Dad:

Can you tell the difference?

Friday night was spent making homeade pizza's at my apt and dad teaching me how to make my family's homeade bread. I've been trying to make it since we got married to no avail. I finally gave up after two many failed attempts and have been buying the nasty store brands. I don't know if it is my parent's "magic" touch that makes it, but it finally turned out! We have been stuffing our faces with bread ever since...

After our delicious dinner and some BYU basketball we ventured out in the snow to go bowling. Everyone doubled my score with Dad ie "sugar daddy" being crowned champ.


Saturday morning was filled with intramural football in 7 inches of fresh snow. Kara and I play on the same team and Brad and Taylor play together. My dad was ecstatic that he actually got to come and watch.


In the afternoon we all went to the temple and then went to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse.

And of course, the weekend was spent with lots of Braden loving!


We love you, Dad!

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