Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Gifts

Dear friends and family,

I have found where I will be purchasing Christmas gifts this year. You can find the website here

For all you practical gift lovers:
For all boys under the age of 14. Or just all boys:
For  Max, Braden, Tanner, and Juliet:

For all the anatomy nerds (T.J., Amber, Brad):
For food lovers:



For Jarom:
For costume lovers:

 And for me:

Happy shopping!


  1. i actually really want those anatomy leggings. how thick are they/ will they keep me warm?

  2. K the baby carrier where their head is popping out of your chest.... creepy. That's kinda how I felt the last few months of pregnancy....

  3. Love it! And the bowl to catch the cut hair looks awesome!